There’s no excuse for these moms

The "No Excuse Moms" group at Martinez Athletic Club. (COURTESY / On File)
The “No Excuse Moms” group at Martinez Athletic Club. (COURTESY / On File)

MARTINEZ, Calif. – Everyone knows that being a mom is tough. Finding time to balance kids, a household and work is difficult. Often times, moms end up making their health the lowest of their priorities. Some moms are too busy to eat healthy. Other moms struggle with finding a gym that has childcare and, even so, are not always comfortable leaving their children there.

But for a group of moms in downtown Martinez, there are no more excuses to not workout. Every Sunday at 9 a.m., the workout group “No Excuse Moms” meets at the Martinez Athletic Club for a free one-hour workout. Moms often bring their children, ranging in age from 6 weeks old to 13 years old.

“By offering a free workout, we can make good health accessible to all moms. What’s wonderful about our workouts is that moms don’t feel pressure on themselves to find a sitter when they need to exercise. Also, no one feels self-conscious about working out with their kids present because we are all moms here,” explains No Excuse Mom Martinez leader, Pam Borsellino. “The older kids usually play with each other or workout with the moms. Moms incorporate their babies as extra weight for lunges and squats or they crawl around. Best of all, no one blinks an eye when someone has to take a break for a feeding or diaper change.”

The Martinez group is one of 350 local groups that make up the No Excuse Mom Movement, a non-profit organization consisting of approximately 40,000 mothers around the world.

“The No Excuse Mom Movement has given us no excuses when it comes to taking care of ourselves. As moms, we are so busy trying to take care of everyone else that we often forget to take care of ourselves. Our meetups give us the opportunity to connect with other moms, have our kids meet other kids, and make our health a priority,” Borsellino said.

The No Excuse Mom Martinez group meets every Sunday at 9 a.m. at the Martinez Athletic Club, 729 Castro St., Martinez. This is a free workout club. For more information, please email or join the Facebook page, No Excuse Mom Martinez.

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