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The mysterious giants and the wall of Contra Costa County

Special to the Martinez Tribune

Many people in our area may not know this, but there is an ancient enigmatic structure which haunts our East Bay halls.  It’s a rock wall which stands three feet high and extends at least another three feet into the ground, and stretches over 50 miles long from San Jose to the Carquinez Strait. This same mysterious wall also stretches inland another 25 miles to Mt. Diablo. Its construction is enigmatic and very mysterious.

Many claim, including the official Santa Clara County visitors guide, that the wall was built by an Amish farmer who lived near what is now Santa Clara’s Monument Peak; it’s said he used it as a cattle wall. Unfortunately, recent geologic dating has placed the age of the wall closer to 500 years old, putting it into the 15th century – a date which is long before the Spanish or European conquest of North America. But there are other theories, ranging from the remnants of  Chinese Admiral Zheng He’s voyage, which came to our area around 1421, to a civilization lost to antiquity.

The theories are endless, but the most credible option to date involves the Chinese exploration fleet, and according to a recently unearthed news article, the legend may very well be true.

A news article from the Oakland Tribune, dated July 25, 1911, reports that a seven foot tall skeleton was found in Concord while workers from the Port Costa Water Company were digging in a burial mound near the then Concord Rail Station.

While digging deep into the mound, the workers found not only a skeleton, but also a large number of grave goods such as charms, pottery, arrow heads and other items – some of which are believed to have been traded with indigenous groups farther to the North in the Mt. Shasta region. Others are of a non-native origin.

What is interesting about this article is not only the discovery of a seven foot tall skeleton, which by itself is rather odd since that would be a very large man even by today’s standards, but also the implication that several of the items of the grave site were distinctly Asian in appearance, including the arrow heads, which appear to have been constructed in a style unique to Asia. At the time of unearthing, those arrowheads were attributed to indigenous Filipinos and not found in North America. In the burial site were also several charms showing the same distinctly Asian construction technique.

This discovery, coupled with the long-standing rumor of the discovery of the wreck of a medieval Chinese Junk in the Sacramento River near the town of Glenn, California, some 70 years ago, makes for a very interesting situation that if actually investigated, may rewrite the history of the west.

The ship was found by several farmers hand boring a well. Apparently, during the dig they discovered some bronze items later identified as Chinese armor. In later years, several men using a magnetometer demonstrated the presence of an object, which resembles a Chinese Junk in shape and size, some 85 feet long with the bow pointed upstream.

Later attempts to collect samples via core drilling turned up word fragments which were Carbon 14 dated and placed the approximate age of the wreck at around 1410 to 1450 which, incidentally,  is the same time which Zheng He’s fleet is believed to have visited our area. Additional samples revealed that the wood used to construct the ship was from the Keteleeria, a Chinese tree unknown in North America at that time. We also cannot forget the persistent stories of Chinese porcelain found from an apparent wreck in Bodega Bay, as well as a large amount of porcelain found in Drake’s Bay, as well as the Ming bronze plate discovered in Susanville in the early 1900s.

It is also important to point out that recent analysis of the rock wall has indicated that the East Bay wall is not  alone, but instead part of a larger structure which appears, according to Yurak legend, to have originated in the Mt. Shasta region, which is coincidentally where some of the grave good items seem to have come from.  Is that purely coincidence?  Time will tell.

There are also the stories, their origins lost in time, of red haired giants building the mysterious wall, but it would seem that the information from the 1911 article would give strong credence to the idea those mysterious stone walls could have possibly been built by a Chinese fleet which came here long before the time of Columbus. It is important to remember these discoveries are not without controversy, but it is that controversy which can lead to discoveries much like the original discovery of Troy.

So what ultimately became of the giant skeleton?  It appears – as with so many giant skeletons uncovered around the United States – that after arriving at the Smithsonian for analysis, it was lost.

So put on your hiking boots, grab a friend, and put gas in the car, for you too, in your explorations, may find some remnants of a lost Chinese fleet.

In the meantime you can read more about these discoveries in the new book, “The Ancient Giants Who Ruled America” by Richard Dewhurst, as well as “1421” by Gavin Menzies. There is also a wonderful episode of “America Unearthed” which covers the wall and the various Chinese connections to it. You can also read the original article at http://greaterancestors.com/contra-costa-county-more-than-7-feet-tall/

Olav Phillips is a regular writer for “Steamshovel Press,” “Mysterious Magazine” and the author of “The Secret Space Age,” published by Adventures Unlimited. He’s also contributed to several other books on Fortean subjects.

Phillips has also written for “Paranoia Magazine,” “FATE” and served as executive producer and principle researcher for Ground Zero Radio with Clyde Lewis (Nationally Syndicated by Premiere Radio Networks). He has appeared on many popular radio shows as well as television presentations including: Ground Zero, Shadows In the Dark Radio, Coast to Coast AM, and Voyager (RAI Due). Phillips is also a long time contributor to Ground Zero Radio’s investigations, including the famous Tracy, California, UFO crash case featured on UFO Hunters; and contributed research on the East Bay Wall, which was seen on America Unearthed with Scott Wolter and Beyond Belief with George Noory. 

Phillips can be reached at olav@anomalies.net.


  1. Scott McMillin

    Pass it on. The rock walls found throughout Northern California were built by two very different peoples. Native Americans for taping animals and Early to our continent sheep herders to maintain control of their sheep.

  2. The wall was built WITH HELP with our ET friends from the skies above. Mt Diablo is a very mysterious place.

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