I heart Martinez

Martinez, California, is my adopted home town.

Martinez is where I live, work, and raise my family.  Imagine the culture shock for this LA native. The little city of Martinez has a genuine “Howdy, neighbor!” small town vibe that I did not experience before I moved north to the Bay Area to practice law. Since Martinez is the county seat, we have the Contra Costa Superior Courts. The County Jail is a block away. My office is two blocks west on Escobar. My house is a few blocks away from it all.  I can literally spend the day working and walking all over without getting in my car. I literally just had a meeting with a colleague sitting on a park bench at the marina!

I choose to live here, to raise my family, to work and to enjoy life.

There were big changes when I moved to the Bay Area and hung my law shingle downtown. I went from LA traffic to being a pedestrian. From the bubble of my SUV to daily peripatetic chats with downtown natives. From Coffee Bean to Barrelista. My family gets shady lanes, golden hills, great schools, bay breezes, and friendly neighbors.

I am glad I found Martinez, and that you welcomed me.

– Jaye Ryan

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