Delicious grapes, but a sour creek …

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RAIN AT LAST! Here’s hoping we’ll receive regular rain this winter, without the deluge forecasters are predicting due to El Niño.

I’m looking forward to the rains moving water through the creek. As of late, it’s been quite a tepid stew of garbage and other pollution. Anyone walking along the creek in recent months can testify of the pungent smell the once pristine waterway now emits.

A visitor to the Tribune said this week that it’s no wonder the beavers are dying – one only has to look at the water to know little could thrive there save bacteria and other such muck. I happen to think he’s right.

The turtles are hanging on, however. Whenever I’m in and out of the Tribune offices, I always check the creek on both sides, and never fail to see turtles in the water off the south side of Ward Street.

We need more Mario Menesinis, eh? Folks dedicated to keeping the creek clean, and educating others about the importance of our waterways.

KUDOS to the kids getting involved in helping victims of the Middletown fire. Those Marazzani kids are something else, aren’t they? Just a few weeks ago the Tribune highlighted the work of Isabella Marazzani, who along with her mother and members of Girl Scout Troop 30365, were organizing a girl empowerment workshop. Now Isabella’s big sister, Alicia, is making the news for her charity work. Bravo to these kids, and to their parents.

I FORGOT to add an event to our calendar this week. Don’t forget to add this event to yours.

The American Association of University Women (AAUW) is hosting Festa Italiana Oct. 10, celebrating the grape harvest. Festivities will take place from 3:30-6:30 p.m. at Viano Winery, 150 Morello Ave., Martinez. Tickets are $40, and reservations are encouraged on or before Oct. 5. Call Gayle Miner at (925) 349-6795, Joy Barden at (925) 935-7118, Marlene Maksel at (925) 689-5439 or Marilyn Thelen at (925) 228-2600 to purchase tickets.

I will not be there myself (I do not imbibe), but this sounds like a nice local event for those who do.

I know there’ll be a raffle at the event, and a nice Italian dinner.

I can’t help but think of Lucy and Ethel of the “I Love Lucy” television show, stomping grapes. I don’t think that sort of activity will go down at Festa Italiana, but hey, you never know … .

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