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Thompson votes for Bipartisan Budget Act

Martinez Tribune

U.S. Representative Mike Thompson, the Napa Democrat who represents Martinez in the House, voted in favor of the Bipartisan Budget Act of 2015. The bill passed by a bipartisan vote of 266-167, and has been sent to the Senate for its consideration.

That act, designated H.R. 1314, would raise the debt limit through March 15, 2017.

It also would increase spending levels for nearly two years by partially rolling back sequestration cuts by $80 billion, which would be split equally between defense and non-defense spending, he said.

In addition, the agreement would mitigate increases in Medicare part B premiums that had been expected to impact certain beneficiaries next year, would limit Part B deductible increases for all Medicare beneficiaries and would keep Social Security disability insurance trust funds solvent until 2022.

“While the bipartisan budget agreement isn’t perfect, it is better than continuing to govern crisis-to-crisis and cliff-to-cliff,” Thompson said.

He called the act a compromise that both disappointed and made House members happy, no matter their party.

“It doesn’t include everything I want, nor does it include everything Republicans want,” he said. “However, it helps keep our government open, makes sure we pay our bills on time and eases job-killing across-the-board sequestration cuts.” He said the act would provide some fiscal stability.

Thompson said the passage of the bill could set an example for both houses of Congress.

“Both parties should use this modest compromise as a framework to come together to work on a long-term budget solution that puts people to work, lowers our debt and invests in our future,” he said.

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