Smith leaning toward Trump vote

Martinez is about 67 percent Democrat, 30 percent Republican, and surprisingly, only 2 or so percent Independent. With the next presidential election in sight, I’m wondering how other people in Martinez feel about the candidates, and if they will opt to change parties in 2016.

I’m a Democrat, but I’ve always been on the conservative side. The Bay Area is often way too hippy-dippy liberal for my taste. But that said, during the last two presidential elections, I did not feel as moderate as usual. I thought the Republican candidates were too out of touch, making foolhardy decisions to try and win the elections, i.e. Sarah Palin.

Anyway, I’m surprisingly attracted to the idea of Donald Trump as our next president.

I’ve always liked Mr. Trump’s books and respected him as a businessman. He seems to be very straightforward, and that appeals to me. He also raised wonderful children, and I think that often says a lot about a person. At the same time, his blunt “American” style could be hazardous in situations where sensitivity and tact are necessary, as I’m sure they often are for a president – particularly when dealing with other cultures. But – and this is a big question I have – Mr. Trump has been successful in business in a world market, not just an American one, so I’m wondering if he has more tact than what we may see on T.V.

I’m wondering what our local elected officials feel about the upcoming election, as I think it may tell us more about how they think. I know council and supervisorial positions are bi-partisan, but a person’s party can tell a lot about them.

Please report on this as the election nears. Thank you.

Elizabeth Smith
— Martinez

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