Police blotter: May 31 – June 6, 2016

Martinez Tribune

The crime blotter is compiled from public record and is not confirmed by Martinez Police or any other party unless otherwise stated. Some accounts may be unfounded.

Tuesday, May 31
A suspicious woman was reported to have been yelling and cussing at no one in particular around 4:15 p.m. near the Martinez Chamber of Commerce on Marina Vista Avenue.

At 4:27 p.m., a shoplifter was suspected to have taken $80 worth of blood pressure medicine from the Nob Hill supermarket. He was restrained into the manager’s office after a fight with an employee.

An apparent homemade arrow fell from the sky and landed into an Ortega Drive resident’s backyard, sticking into the lawn.

A transient woman whose belongings were beside her in a baby stroller was reported to have been screaming about government conspiracies at the Amtrak station near 8 p.m. The truth is out there.

At 11 p.m., a burglary allegedly took place at the Virginia Hills Safeway supermarket when two trucks went to the back of the store and stole five bales of cardboard, which can be traded for gold on the black market, I assume.

Wednesday, June 1
Three people reportedly got their truck stuck in the water at the marina near midnight.

A man purportedly threw trash cans at passersby at the corner of Alhambra Avenue and Main Street at 5:36 a.m.
A woman was allegedly kicked out of the Copper Skillet restaurant for yelling and screaming. She was probably just exclaiming her love for a good meal.

At 10 p.m., four men were observed around a bonfire, cooking in the back parking lot of the John Muir Inn. Those in-room microwaves just do not cut it sometimes.

Thursday, June 2
At 12:44 a.m., a man on Alhambra Avenue reported that someone was outside screaming at him.

At 1:30 p.m., a man allegedly stole two phones from the AT&T store on Arnold Drive. The two phones were worth $1,500 combined.

Two men were “yelling at the moon” in the Main Street Plaza at 1:37 p.m.

Another man was running back and forth across Alhambra Avenue while screaming at 9:20 p.m.

Friday, June 3
A woman was allegedly yelling and cursing near the Martinez Yacht Club at 9:47 a.m.

A man in a hospital gown was reportedly talking to himself and laying down on the sidewalk in front of the county hospital on Alhambra Avenue around 3 p.m.

Two people were locked into the bathrooms at Cappy Ricks Park on Brown Street, for about two hours.

At 8:16 p.m., a picture frame was purportedly thrown at a car that was occupied. I am still trying to figure out the symbolism.

A suspicious man was reported at the Quik Stop Market on Alhambra Avenue. The man appeared to be under the influence, swinging a baton around and acting erratic. Life is hard for drum majors past high school.

Saturday, June 4
Around 5 a.m., a man reportedly attempted to steal a fan and air freshener from the John Muir Inn. When confronted, he threw the stolen items onto the ground and claimed he had a knife.

A couple had a verbal fight that escalated when a man pushed a woman. It then de-escalated when the man went into the Starbucks on Main Street, presumably to order a relaxing chai tea.

Another assault was reported at 3:10 p.m. A woman slapped, pushed, and threw meatloaf at a man in his residence. Was the meatloaf that bad?

A pickup truck was observed to be driving erratically, nearly hitting other cars, when it reached its destination at the Virginia Hills Safeway where the driver was seen buying “more alcohol.”

Sunday, June 5
Around 12:50 a.m., a white Ford Explorer was reportedly driving on two rims with sparks flying from underneath the car.

At 2:47 a.m., a group of four juveniles were loudly walking on Ridgewood Drive where one of them was heard screaming, “Don’t tell my parents I’m drunk!”

At 10:20 p.m., a customer at the Front Room restaurant on Main Street refused to pay for his dinner because he did not have enough money.

Monday, June 6
At 1:20 p.m., a man wearing a white jersey with a letter on it purportedly was grasping at poles on Alhambra Avenue in order to stay on his feet because he looked like he was drunk.

Near 5 p.m., two juveniles were allegedly throwing candy at people from the roof of a building at the corner of Main Street and Estudillo Street. I am sad I missed the free candy throwing.

What sounded like a fight was heard on Alhambra Avenue and Main Street around 11:15 p.m. One of the fighters reportedly said, “I’m going to kill you.”

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