Alhambra High School Class of 2016 graduates

The Alhambra High School Class of 2016 follows their instructors onto Knowles Field for the AHS commencement ceremony Friday, June 10, 2016. (ERIN CLARK / Martinez Tribune)
The Alhambra High School Class of 2016 follows their instructors onto Knowles Field for the AHS commencement ceremony Friday, June 10, 2016. (ERIN CLARK / Martinez Tribune)

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MARTINEZ, Calif. – The shrill of bull horns and screams and cheers of joy by family and friends is still hanging in the air at Knowles Field a week after the latest send off of graduates from Alhambra High School.

The slate of speakers offered a range of humorous and heart-felt memories of the times that were, and sobering words of advice for handling whatever the days ahead may bring.

Rami Muth, who is Martinez Unified School District’s outgoing superintendent, praised the caring spirit of Alhambra High’s Class of 2016 and expressed confidence they would draw on their strengths to tackle the bumps in the road the members may encounter as they move forward.

Muth extolled the graduates to avoid being mere bystanders and to “not succumb to pessimism.’’ And no matter what the naysayers may voice, remain optimistic and continue to pursue individual passions.

Martinez Mayor Rob Schroder spoke of the new role that comes with graduating from high school.

“You’re the future of Martinez, the country and the world,’’ Schroder said, adding the years ahead will include “giving back to the community, to your family, friends and neighbors.’’

Among those adding a bit of levity to the proceedings was AHS English teacher Frank Reichert, who offered his own list of top five things that could have altered the lives of the graduates during their time at Alhambra.

No. 5 on the list involved winning an NCS championship. If you were a girl, play softball – and on the male side, take up volleyball.

“No. 4 – if you wanted to be a speaker at graduation, you should have been part of Mock Trial,’’ Reichert said in a plug to his club activity.

For No. 3, Reichert suggested less time on Facebook, Snapchat, and Twitter.

“No. 2 – remove hate from your heart,’’ he said.

“And, the No. 1 thing you should have learned at Alhambra High School – you are not done yet,’’ he said.

No school function is complete these days without the utterance of the latest educational catch phrase “Common Core,’’ and Alhambra High School Associated Student Body President Blake Johnson used the commencement exercises for a final say before the diplomas were distributed.

“It isn’t cheating, it is collaborating,’’ said Johnson of the occasional sharing of information for class and homework assignments. “I am pretty sure that was a Common Core standard.’’

Frank Escalante, the class’s Valedictorian, said he hoped his fellow graduates would take with them all they learned from the last four years, including “how to think.”

Wherever the paths of the 254 graduates of the Class of 2016 take them on life’s journey, Alhambra High School “will always be home.’’


All hail to thee, Alhambra
Your colors gold and blue;
A mighty chorus let us raise
Of praise and honor, too.

Come let us sing together
Once more our ringing cry
All hail to thee, Alhambra,
All hail, Alhambra High!

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