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Martinez Arrest Log: Jan. 16-23, 2017

Those appearing in the following listings have only been arrested on suspicion of the crimes indicated and are presumed innocent. Arrests listed may not necessarily have taken place in Martinez.

• Betty Demuro, 44, was arrested Jan. 23 for alleged possession of controlled substance and battery on spouse, cohabitant or former spouse.

• Johnie Lindborg, 25, was arrested Jan. 22 for allegedly being intoxicated in public.

• Sonora Nasura, 27, was arrested Jan. 21 for alleged disorderly conduct: prostitution.

• Whitney Steeves, 29, was arrested Jan. 19 for alleged violation of probation.

• Georgia Moran, 23, was arrested Jan. 17 for alleged possession of narcotic controlled substance, possession of control substance paraphernalia, and possession of a shobi-zue (sword cane).

• Lia Finau, 27, was arrested Jan. 16 for allegedly driving with drugs in system.

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