Martinez Arrest Log: Feb. 13-18, 2017

Those appearing in the following listings have only been arrested on suspicion of the crimes indicated and are presumed innocent. Arrests listed may not necessarily have taken place in Martinez.

• Nancy Lawrie, 60, was arrested Feb. 13 on warrants or holds only.

• Cesar Valle-Morales, 20, was arrested Feb. 18 for allegedly driving while under the combined influence of drugs and alcohol.

• Nicholas Brown, 25, was arrested Feb. 17 for allegedly tresspassing on posted land and refusing to leave.

• Jake Curry, 27, was arrested Feb. 16 for allegedly taking vehicle without owner’s consent.

• Ian McLain, 28, was arrested Feb. 16 on charges of shoplifting.

• Luis Haefke, 20, was arrested Feb. 16 on revocation of probation charges.

• Kelly Portierhornsby, 48, was arrested Feb. 15 on warrants or holds only.

• Jillian Manchester, 20, was arrested Feb. 14 on DUI alcohol/drugs charges.

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