Martinez Arrest Log: April 15-18, 2017

Those appearing in the following listings have only been arrested on suspicion of the crimes indicated and are presumed innocent. Arrests listed may not necessarily have taken place in Martinez.

• Wendy Ward, 39, was arrested April 18 for alleged failure to appear on felony charge, receiving or concealing stolen property, receiving stolen property-motor vehicle, unauthorized use of personal identifying information with previous conviction.

• Alfonso Hermosilloblanc, 62, was arrested April 18 on DUI alcohol/drugs, DUI alcohol with BAC greater than .08 charges.

• Desi Johnston, 25, was arrested April 11 on charges of resisting, obstructing, delaying a peace officer, and disobeying domestic relations court order.

• Tyler Lanitoe, 21, was arrested April 11 for alleged possession of burglar’s tools.

• Amir Moner, 35, was arrested April 12 for alleged possession of controlled substance.

• Christopher Smith, 38, was arrested April 15 on charges of battery.

• Stoney Mouton, 58, was arrested April 15 for allegedly driving while license suspended.

• Chelsey Cardenas-Reynolds, 28, was arrested April 15 for warrants and holds only.

• Rogert Guzman, 46, was arrested April 13, allegedly for being intoxicated in public.

• Jose Edward, 48, was arrested April 15 on warrants or holds only.

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