Vandal Trumpers Karen and Chad identified, charges up to DA

The Trump supporters who painted over a ‘Black Lives Matter’ mural in downtown Martinez have been located by the police, and now their fate is in the hands of the District Attorney.

Martinez PD tracked down the MAGA morons and had a conversation. They were not arrested, as the alleged misdemeanor crime didn’t take place in the presence of an officer. However they did take down statements from the derelicts, and now the case is likely to play out in the legal system.

The Contra Costa D.A. will make the decision of whether they want to pursue potential vandalism charges. Because TweedleDumb and TweedleDumbAss weren’t arrested,  their identities have yet to be released to the public.

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  1. Sad that 2 crybabies can destroy what a community did. This is what happens when you watch to much Fox News. Act like a victim when somebody puts up a mural


    How is this stupid crap written on the ground a mural ? Fake news reporting. Another one sided nitwit reporting Martinez. It was garbage and should have been cleaned from the street. Bravo for the 2 people that cleaned it up. How dare you attempt to charge them. You should be charging the animals that wrote in that in the street. Talk about vandal. Only trash is the retards that can’t see BLM movement are animals, terrorists and savages just like imbicile that support it.

  3. Thanks for reaching out Karen.

    We’re always happy to publish content from people like yourself that so clearly demonstrates the ignorance and racism that remains such a problem today.


    Wow!! Christine Wolfinger, sounds like you are a vile ignorant moron. You and the 2 who painted over the mural watch too much Fox News, way beyond repair in that brain of yours (that is, if you have one). You and morons who believe in divisive stuff like you do are a big part of what is going on in this country. You are the rabid animal along with your choice of president, you need to have your head checked out. Dumb A@##!!

  5. Christine, thank you for your thoughtful term for cognitively disabled persons. Or by not calling them the r-word. Are we being too easy on them ? Do you think they need to pull themselves up by their bootstraps and stop being such crybabies ? PS – The painter of BLM applied and received a permit unlike your vandals. And no, I don’t see BLM as “animals” because I’m not a bigot.

  6. CHRISTINE – You sound nice 😆

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