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This past year has been difficult as we make our way through the pandemic that never ends. However, are we ready for life to go back to normal ?

More than ever, we can finally see a light at the end of the tunnel regarding stay-at-home orders, the coronavirus, and when we’ll be able to gather comfortably with those we love again. As we dare to dream about hosting dinner parties and backyard barbeques, we may suddenly realize that our homes aren’t ready for company. No doubt your shining personality and social skills will keep your guests amused, but you’ll also want to consider home updates to help you entertain.

Bathroom Updates
Whether you’re gathering inside or outside, your guests will need to use the facilities. Consider some minor updates to your bathroom that can give a new look with minimal effort. Often, new paint, light and faucet fixtures, and updated linens and rugs can pull the room together after a deep cleaning. No doubt we’ve let some things go this year, so it’s time to rein it in !

Living Room Updates
Between working from home and the family staying in more than usual, people’s living rooms turned into more of a community-bedroom scenario. With multitudes of blankets, pillows, and other things that comfort us while we nurse our boredom, it’s time to clean up this catch-all space.

Send the bedroom stuff back where it came from and work to declutter and brighten (with paint and window treatments) the room. Adding a few floating shelves and a properly placed mirror can make the space feel larger and display what you still want out.

Exterior Improvements
Clean up the landscaping in your yard and rent a power washer for a deck or patio area. Often, wood needs a good clean and not necessarily a full new coat of stain. With a nicely hung string of lights or two, a tidy area, and some updated patio furniture, you can ease into gathering in your backyard. Take a look at your yard as objectively as possible and change the most unappealing parts that catch your eye.

Kitchen Updates
Over time, kitchens have become spaces where friends and family members hang out. Therefore, make sure you implement a few features to make your cooking space a cozy kitchen. With comfortable seating around a nice table with inviting colors and open spaces, you’ll entertain in the kitchen with ease.

This way, food stays in the kitchen and out of the areas you’d rather it didn’t go, and the guests don’t feel corralled. The coziest kitchen could soon become the ideal hangout for you and your guests—after all, you can fill it with snacks, spirits, and whatever else you desire.

When gathering, you must keep your guests comfortable and engaged. It’s probably been a while since you put on a good shin-dig, but after you fulfill the home updates to help you entertain, all that’s left is the guest list, the menu, and the party setting. Then, you can enjoy showcasing your newly improved abode.

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