Why You Should Keep a Workout Journal


Ever feel like you’re struggling to keep track of your progress? Are you having a hard time figuring out what you’re doing wrong? From helping you to improve your workout routine to giving you a chance to vent your emotions, there are many reasons why you should keep a workout journal.

Setting and Tracking Your Goals
One of the most useful aspects of a workout journal is that it’s perfect for logging and organizing your thoughts, goals, and motivations. Lots of people focus too much on their ultimate end goals. These can seem so far out of reach that people end up losing their motivation and quitting altogether because the tasks ahead of them seem too herculean. With a workout journal, you can plan out and set achievable goals between your current abilities and your final objective. Doing this will allow you to better pace yourself, and it’ll offer small victories throughout your journey.

Analyzing Your Performance
At times, you may be performing your exercises with bad form, or external factors may be affecting your workout. Writing things down will allow you to figure out what you’re doing wrong or what’s dragging you down. There will be days where you feel like a machine. On others, you may feel more like a slug. You can think back to these days and identify the factors that contributed to these states of mind and recreate the good ones while avoiding the bad.

Boosting Your Motivation
One problem with working out is that the changes to your body are very gradual. Typically, you won’t even notice that you’ve made a significant change. Therefore, it’s easy to lose motivation before you see results because your efforts feel futile. By keeping a log of your workouts, you’ll document your changes and improvements each day so that you can look back through your journal and see an actual representation of your efforts and how they’re paying off.

Expressing Your Thoughts
Lastly, having a place where you can express yourself after or before a workout is one of the best reasons why you should keep a workout journal. A chance to vent and talk about your day can lift a burden from your mind that may be weighing you down as you try to exercise. Distractions can lead to bad form or even injury. So, it’s wise to clear your head by getting your thoughts off your chest or establishing what you want to achieve the next day.

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