Purnima Sreenivasan

Purnima Sreenivasan is a Tribune contributor who is a specialist on aging and the founder of mihygge ( mi-hu-ga, meaning "my life’s simple pleasures" ), an aging health tech startup based in the Bay Area, a company working on making senior living and care accessible, affordable and attainable. She can be reached directly at: contact@mihygge.com.

New “Virtual Office” website for Contra Costa County debuts


A new website for Contra Costa County has launched to provide an inviting, mobile-friendly “virtual office” for the public. The website at www.contracosta.ca.gov offers a fresh look with more ways to find information quickly. The website features new icons that can be clicked on to access information, a “How Do …

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Things to remember when a senior with dementia is delirious

BY PURNIMA SREENIVASAN Delirium is not dementia nor depression. As we revisit Dementia and Alzheimer’s this month dedicated to its awareness, delirium becomes more significant than ever. With growing research on delirium, hospitalization risks, along with morbidities and mortalities related to it, it’s time to understand why we must revisit …

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Helping seniors cope with memory loss

BY PURNIMA SREENIVASAN Memory loss is not a normal part of aging. We as humans must age, and then leave this earth. In this journey, which we face as beings of highest intelligence, our coping mechanisms are largely different and changeable, which makes us become dependent on them, giving us …

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Finding ways to cope with a recently diagnosed spouse’s dementia

BY PURNIMA SREENIVASAN Why is caregiving so tough ? Why are there caregiver crises ? Why is there such a need for caregiving ? In today’s world, we are the first generation to share our planet with more elderly humans than we are with children less than five.  While the …

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The importance of Nutrition and it’s role in aging

BY PURNIMA SREENIVASAN As humans transform over the course of their lifespan, a major change we, our families and communities notice is our health. Then what is health ? What are the factors that help us transform into an energetic youth and what really happens as we age ? Along …

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Aging Health Education in the 21st century and beyond

BY PURNIMA SREENIVASAN As the number of aged in the world grow to more than a billion by 2030, health education in aging or Aging Health Education will play a very vital role in addressing the very definition of health as declared by WHO. Who will be the benefactors ? …

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Understanding cognitive issues connected with senior aging

BY PURNIMA SREENIVASAN Years ago, a very fine lady had left our office and started to drive out of the parking lot. She had great driving skills but she never reached home. A daughter struggling to come to terms with her step-dad, just fifty six, couldn’t handle his car dealer …

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Benefits of preparing a discharge plan for hospitalized seniors

BY PURNIMA SREENIVASAN What is post discharge planning ? Is it the same as pre-discharge planning ? They are not exactly the same, but may have some similarities between them. Why do we care ? Why is it important ? Does it make any difference ? Is it a difficult …

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