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Homily on the Woman at the Well

By NOE TUASON Special to the Tribune NOTE: This is a Homily at Mass celebrated on the third Sunday of Lent on the Gospel about the Samaritan woman (Jn 4:5-42), preached by Deacon Noe Tuazon from the Diocese of Oakland. The Gospel today is the story of the woman at ...

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Rick Hocker: ‘Are you good enough for God?’

By RICK HOCKER Special to the Tribune Are you good enough for God? How good must one be to please God? How do you know if God is pleased with you? Does going to church earn us points with God? By the way, going to church isn’t one of the ...

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Rick Hocker: A beautiful ache

By RICK HOCKER Special to the Tribune In continuing my theme on God’s love, I asked myself, “What situation most profoundly impacted me with a deeper understanding of God’s love?” The event that comes to mind was an unusual and memorable experience. It happened during a private time of silent ...

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A working definition of faith

By RICK HOCKER Special to the Tribune What is faith? Most would say that faith is a strong belief in spiritual things. I think that faith is something entirely different. Belief is a product of the mind. Faith emanates from the soul. Belief determines what we think and choose. Faith ...

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‘The perfected soul’

By RICK HOCKER Special to the Tribune EDITOR’S NOTE: The following is an excerpt on the topic of “meditation on transformation,” one of the themes from Martinez resident Rick Hocker’s book, “Four in the Garden.” Why couldn’t all of us have been born perfect? Wouldn’t that solve all of the ...

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The spiritual practice of trusting in God

By RICK HOCKER Special to the Tribune EDITOR’S NOTE: The following is a speech by Martinez resident Rick Hocker, on the topic of trusting in God, the main theme of his book, “Four in the Garden.” I remember the morning I ran out of food. I was a poor college ...

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Grace Episcopal Church welcomes interim rector

By BOB BURMAN Special to the Tribune Recently, the Reverend Jeffrey Frost began an 18 month term at Grace Episcopal Church in Martinez as its Interim Rector. In this capacity he will care for the congregation and lead them in a process of discernment in preparing to call their next ...

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