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Smith leaning toward Trump vote

Martinez is about 67 percent Democrat, 30 percent Republican, and surprisingly, only 2 or so percent Independent. With the next presidential election in sight, I’m wondering how other people in Martinez feel about the candidates, and if they will opt to change parties in 2016. I’m a Democrat, but I’ve …

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Long live newspapers!

I welcome the Tribune to Martinez. In this age of social media, it is vital that print media flourish because of censorship that exists in social media. Newspapers have a Letters to the Editor section (in the Tribune “Your Voice”) where opinions will be aired subject to standard guidelines. Letters …

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I heart Martinez

Martinez, California, is my adopted home town. Martinez is where I live, work, and raise my family.  Imagine the culture shock for this LA native. The little city of Martinez has a genuine “Howdy, neighbor!” small town vibe that I did not experience before I moved north to the Bay …

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