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Henderson responds to Fish letter

Response to Hamilton Fish (see the Dec. 25, 2015, edition of the Martinez Tribune): Your outlook that includes a historic Martinez is refreshing. As one who remembers and fought three present members of council a decade ago who were bent on an RDA and destroying the current built environment, and …

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Fish on Pine Meadows: ‘One third’ makes sense

The packed City Council meeting on Pine Meadows shows beyond question that citizens care about the place. The City Council voted to send the current proposal back to the drawing board. The applicant seems to agree. The right approach should seek compromise. On the one hand, the owners have some …

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A Martinez renaissance right before our eyes!

By HAMILTON FISH Special to the Tribune Martinez is entering a renaissance. Renaissance – literally a rebirth – a time of rapid change for the better. The point was driven home on a visit to San Francisco. It happened to be SantaCon day. There were thousands of folks dressed up …

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