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The ‘garden’ of Martinez

Dear Mr. Grinch, We are bees, not flies. Our buzz is productive buzz, signifying the telos (goal) of sweet honey. I think you have grown accustomed to the buzz of flies downtown, circling a decaying garden. We are a different creature. This is not the place to discuss why the ...

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Tim Platt on Pine Meadow public vote

Dear Editor, Pine Meadow has been Permanent Open Space/Recreation for over 40 years, and remains that today. Our successful referendum in February of last year stopped an attempt by the City Council to change Pine Meadow to housing.   The referendum resulted in the City Council calling for a public ...

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Long live newspapers!

I welcome the Tribune to Martinez. In this age of social media, it is vital that print media flourish because of censorship that exists in social media. Newspapers have a Letters to the Editor section (in the Tribune “Your Voice”) where opinions will be aired subject to standard guidelines. Letters ...

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