J.A. Schwartz

J.A. Schwartz is a reporter and columnist for the Martinez Tribune. He's also a licensed professional in the health care field when he's not opining on the world of sports and culture for the benefit of our readers.

Kaepernick’s stance might finally be resonating four years later

BY J.A. SCHWARTZ After first being moved to protest police brutality during the 2016 preseason, Colin Kaepernick stated that his decision to sit during the national anthem of the 49ers third preseason game was motivated by his desire to bring attention to issues that resonated with him following the death …

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How the return of Sports can help save us

BY J.A. SCHWARTZ April is arguably the greatest time of the yearly sports calendar. Opening Day ceremonies rouse fans from winter hibernations as the hope and promise of a new season beats in the chests of baseball fans across the nation. The professional basketball and hockey seasons roar down the …

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2020 likely to be a full-blown rebuild for San Francisco’s Giants

BY J.A. SCHWARTZ The San Francisco Giants enter 2020 in the earliest stages of a reimagining of their roster. In 2019, they eschewed the chance to trade free agents-to-be reliever Will Smith and franchise icon Madison Bumgarner because of their position in the standings in late July, a justifiable decision …

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A’s looking to extend October playoff run in 2020

BY J.A. SCHWARTZ The 2020 Oakland A’s roster is geared towards making another run at postseason glory after being defeated in the Wild Card game last season by the Tampa Bay Rays. The core of the talented group that has gone 97-65 in two consecutive seasons remains intact. It’s the …

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Elway’s selection as quarterback on NFL100 team indefensible

BY J.A. SCHWARTZ In December, the NFL celebrated the 100th anniversary of professional football by announcing the NFL100 team, representing the best 100 players to ever play in the league. The panel that chose those players was made up of 26 people, including coaches, team executives, retired players and members …

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Can we finally lay to rest biases about African-American QB’s ?

BY J.A. SCHWARTZ Throughout the history of the NFL, minority quarterbacks coming out of college have been saddled with the notion that they don’t have the necessary skills to succeed in the NFL. As recently as last year, these quotes were offered about Lamar Jackson, the current front-runner for the …

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