J.A. Schwartz

J.A. Schwartz is a reporter and columnist for the Martinez Tribune. He's also a licensed professional in the health care field when he's not opining on the world of sports and culture for the benefit of our readers.

NL playoffs shaping up as a race to topple the Dodgers

BY J.A SCHWARTZ The National League playoffs will kick off tomorrow and will do so without the reigning World Series Champion Washington Nationals, who will not have the opportunity to defend their title. Baseball has not seen a repeat champion since the 1998-2000 New York Yankee dynasty won three straight. …

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Athletes rising to meet the challenges of historic opportunities

BY J.A. SCHWARTZ Slavery existed in the United States since before its formal inception in 1776. Despite the ratification of the Thirteenth Amendment in 1865 that legally ended the practice of indentured servitude, systemic racism has festered in the genetic material of this nation, passed on from generation to generation. …

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Neutral court advantage could create surprises in NBA bubble

BY J.A. SCHWARTZ A wise collection of gentlemen once upbraided me about my powers of prognostication, suggesting, “Your crystal ball ain’t so crystal clear.” Be that as it may, and based on the most recent efforts made in that regard (my prediction of the Padres beating the Twins in the …

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National League gearing up for a truncated 60-game sprint

BY J.A. SCHWARTZ As of this writing, the delayed MLB season is set to commence in a matter of days. It’s still entirely possible that circumstances driven by the COVID-19 pandemic may prevent games from actually being played, but until that becomes reality, a preview of what the season may …

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