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‘Mayor not to be trusted’

I was in the process of writing the following letter honoring our Mayor until Rob Schroder announced that he will seek reelection in 2018: Mayor Schroder should be complemented for his announcement last year that he will not run again for Mayor.  It is in line with the policy he ...

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Architectural gem preserved – for now

Dear Friends of the 1903 County Jail in Martinez and to those folks who have recently discovered our Save the Jail effort. Thank you for wanting to know more about the status of this project. As the newly organized Architectural Preservation Foundation of Contra Costa County is still very small, our limited ...

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‘I am proud of Congressman Thompson’

Dear Editor, I am proud of our District 5 Representative for condemning bans 1.0 and 2.0. It’s cruel to turn a deaf ear to those fleeing war zones, famines, threatening dictatorships,  and drug gang conscriptions. Our people are ready and willing to help and will deal with the hate-mongering. These ...

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‘Why is council not respecting will of people?’

In the November 2016 election Martinez voters overwhelmingly approved Proposition 64 (Legalizing Recreational Cannabis). According to the County Election Department, the Martinez vote was 63 percent to 37 percent to approve the proposition. So why is the City Council not respecting the loud voice of their constituents? The Council is ...

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