Friday , June 22 2018
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At Bay Area Trainer, we have a fully equipped private gym. Anything you can do in a large commercial gym, you can do here in a comfortable private environment and with a Certified Bay Area Personal Trainer. The workout is based on your current fitness level and personal goals. We truly customize each workout program based on where you are at now and where you want to get to!

• Do you have specific areas that need attention?

• Sensitive knees or other areas?

• Have you not worked out in years?

We take all things into account when we design your program. We have a huge variety of equipment such as TRX, Battle Ropes, Aqua Heavy Bag, Bosu Trainers, Medicine Balls, Sand Bags, Free weights, and Machines, and the workouts are constantly changing so you don’t get bored and plateau. They are challenging yet safe with the attentive eye of a Personal Trainer perfecting your form and technique, maximizing every set, rep, and every workout.

So even if you have been working out for years and want to learn some new exercises and challenge your self in a new way or you are brand new to working out, we can customize a plan for you. We can even supplement your current routine that you are doing in another gym.

Your change starts at Bay Area Trainer, 742 Arnold Drive, Martinez. Call (925) 708-5476 to get started, or visit

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