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Remember When

This Week in History: Feb. 5-11

By DANNY YOEONO Martinez Tribune Dead body found in barn Alhambra Valley 1865: An 8-10 day old dead body was found in a barn. The body was first seen by a boy driving cows who casually looked into the barn and thought a man was sleeping. Out of curiosity, he ...

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This Week in History: Jan. 29 – Feb. 4

By DANNY YOEONO Martinez Tribune ‘Slippery’ nudist takes morning jog through downtown Martinez 1973: Forty-three years ago this week in Martinez, police were led on a wild chase through the downtown streets as a young man in his 20s was completely nude and “expressing” himself to the public. The one-man ...

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Oh my God, Joe DiMaggio!

From left: Nana Maria Carone, Mary Carone Nicholson and Nana Grace Billecci, during Mary’s 2nd Grade Holy Communion. The picture was taken outside the Billecci home at 425 Talbert St., Martinez, circa 1954-1955. (MARY CARONE NICHOLSON / Courtesy)

By KRISTIN HENDERSON Special to the Tribune Vince Ferrante of Pittsburg writes: “In 1978 when I was 13 … Dad took me to Amato’s bar to visit his cousin Vince who was working. … Vince Amato asked me if I liked baseball … he then asked me if I would ...

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You say Amato’s, I say Amato’s!

Pete Amato at Amato’s restaurant, 407 Ferry St., Martinez, circa 1940. (MARY GOODWIN COLLECTION / Courtesy)

By KRISTIN HENDERSON Special to the Tribune EDITOR’S NOTE: This is Part Two of Mary Goodman’s (b. 1949) remembrance of her Sicilian Family. See last week’s edition of the Martinez Tribune for Part One. Everyone still remembers Amato’s Restaurant. Even I, Kristin, do – especially the tongues hanging out of ...

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The Celtic Spaghetti Knot of Martinez

Katarina Billecci DiMaggio (at left) who died of the Spanish Flu in 1918. Her husband, Vincenzo, is also pictured. It appears Katarina was pregnant at the time this photo was taken, circa 1910. (MARY GOODMAN COLLECTION / Courtesy)

By KRISTIN HENDERSON Special to the Tribune The Celtic Spaghetti Knot of Martinez. I call it that because the intertwining of time in Martinez is not linear. Time operates on a calculus of dimensions beyond the three we perceive and it often has delightful social consequences. I am forever resting ...

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