Artist of the Week: Anthony Moore

Artist Anthony Moore poses in front of one of his fine art pieces (“Untitled 2”) at his Martinez home Friday, Jan. 22, 2016. (HANNAH HATCH / Martinez Tribune)
Artist Anthony Moore poses in front of one of his fine art pieces (“Untitled 2”) at his Martinez home Friday, Jan. 22, 2016. (HANNAH HATCH / Martinez Tribune)

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I met Anthony Moore last Friday, Jan. 22, at his home in Martinez. He was accompanied by his wife, Perri. They gave me a tour around their home, which had bright orange-painted walls and band posters in the kitchen. Moore, whose art encompasses a range of mediums from painting to music and audio-visual work, showed me his music studio and some instruments he’s in the process of “re-crafting.” We sat down in his living room for this interview, Moore sipping tea from a mug decorated with pug dogs.

Give an overall explanation of why your art is unique?

I kinda have divisions of what I do. Whether that is painting, composing music or film. I have a split personality, I am like a mad scientist and an emotional being. With music I do a lot of electronic stuff and tie it in with my film videos. I love to get weird and deeply enthralled, using gizmos and gadgets. Overall, I like to set up systems and find new structures and I spend a great deal of time finding ways to make the art, and thats kind of where the “scientist” and the planning and the research comes in. That’s a little more structured and heady. And then once I get these structures down, I apply the emotional element. When I do the emotional element I try to plan as least as possible so it is kind of a stream of natural consciousness, and organic. When you throw organic “mushy stuff” on to a well-thought-out structure I believe you get interesting results.

How/when did you discover your talents?
I have always been a creative person. It has to do a little bit with my environment and a little bit of the way I developed as a person. I was a little shy and reserved, so I spent much of my time drawing and imagining things. But I had my wild side; I think I was more extreme. I would go in the corner and draw creatures, and then I would go out and play. I grew up kind of rough at home. I didn’t have structure or resources, not a lot of stimulation other than basic household items like a pen and a paper (and toys). I tended to draw a lot. My coming of age was in the ‘90s. Hip-hop was also in its coming of age. I was really into hip-hop and graffiti culture. I started getting serious about art when I was falling in love with hip-hop music, when graffiti was hot and also coincidentally, electronic music was also coming of age in the ‘90s. That kind of marriage of culture, technology and my age sort of set the foundation of what I do now.

What projects are you currently working on?
I am actually very serious about music at the moment. I have spent years developing how I want to make the music. So I am in a planning stage. I am looking at gear and equipment. I am making my own instruments and investing in things that cost lots of money. I am really looking forward to writing an album. I am in the writing and planning stage of doing that. I am looking at how to do live experimentation. I want to find a way to have a rhythm to it but let the other half be organic. I think people love to see the creative process, so having that directed in a way that appeals to people but also that they can see live creation. I think it will be unique and an interesting experience.

Who/what is an influence on your work? What inspires you?
When I learned about art and I would see things that kind of impressed upon me … definitely M.C. Escher (Dutch graphic artist) was a big influence on me. M.C. Escher was just so cool to me. He was a master at drawing, but his imagination was just out there. His geometric illusions were just really interesting to me. On the flip-side to that, Salvador Dali (a prominent Spanish surrealist painter) is definitely an influence on me, because I think I share that abstract spirit.

Do you have any shows or events scheduled that you will be participating in?
I am a core leader in the Artcelerator movement, ( We are an organization that is seeking to grow the culture and bring a refreshing new supply of raw, inspired, cutting edge art. As a leader I am also an artist. I will be regularly displaying art at the ArtBeat Martinez, which is held in downtown Martinez the third Saturday of every month. My live visuals will be something I will be trying to do regularly, and once I develop my music system there will be lots of opportunities for me to do live electronics and live experimentation on a small scale. If I won’t be doing art, I will be there and you can talk to me about my art.

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