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Shelter halts animal surrender services

MARTINEZ, Calif. – The Contra Costa County Animals Services Department (CCASD) announced this week they will be temporarily ceasing the acceptance of owner-surrendered animals at their shelters in Martinez and Pinole due to the volume of animals at both facilities. Certain exceptions to this temporary freeze will be made for animals that are injured, unhealthy, under 12 weeks of age, or as otherwise required by law. The agency has also indefinitely closed its night deposit boxes for animals that are surrendered during hours that the department is closed to the public.

“Surrendering an animal to the shelter should be a last resort,” said Beth Ward, Animal Services Director. “High owner surrender rates lead to overpopulation in our shelters, which increases the possibilities that animals will get disease and/or experience behavior problems. Properly managing shelter inventory and the health of the pets in our care improves the chances of finding homes for the animals in our care.”

CCASD expects this temporary freeze on accepting owner surrendered animals to be in effect for roughly a month, during which time the department will be developing an intervention program to help support families in keeping their animals in their homes. During this period, CCASD will continue to receive and impound animals that are sick, injured or abandoned, as well as strays and animals that are confiscated as a result of active investigations or impounded by other law enforcement agencies in Contra Costa County.

County residents can visit www.ccasd.org to view a list of online resources to support them in keeping their pets. 

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  1. kaeina inzunza

    looking for a good home for my jack Russell mix she is a spayed three year old..

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