To Grinch: ‘Cheer up!’

Mr Grinch:

I’m saddened (only slightly) by your anonymity. Personally, I believe in openness. Track me down at the Trib. I’m often there – at least notionally – for a cuppa.

I love our “gray-haired old ladies and gents.” Indeed, I’m one of them. Please note that we “yap” (your term) in local coffee houses, thereby bringing business to downtown. What’s not to like?

When I look around downtown I see a bunch of buildings being reinforced so they won’t fall down in the next earthquake. I see rents gradually rising, an indicator that the town is thriving. I see several vibrant coffee houses. I see fun events put on by Main Street Martinez and the Chamber of Commerce. It’s not San Francisco nor Walnut Creek. Good! Good “buzz,” IMHO.

The town has its own style. Martinez is what it is.

How about sacrificing that anonymity for a face-to-face at Erin’s office?

And … cheer up!

– Hamilton Fish

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