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Boys LAX beaten for the first time this season

Alhambra’s Jack Eaves (center) awaits an incoming pass in the Bulldogs’ 10-3 loss to Lick Wilmerding on March 1, 2016. (GERARDO RECINOS / Martinez Tribune)
Alhambra’s Jack Eaves (center) awaits an incoming pass in the Bulldogs’ 10-3 loss to Lick Wilmerding on March 1, 2016. (GERARDO RECINOS / Martinez Tribune)
Martinez Tribune

If you’ve ever met coach Al Boyce, chances are you’ll have heard him say this at least once, “it’s not the size of the Dog in the fight, it’s the size of the fight in the Dog.”

The quote, most commonly attributed to Mark Twain, is incredibly appropriate to the Bulldog lacrosse team, who was beaten by Lick-Wilmerding-San Francisco 10-3 on Tuesday, March. 1.

Most obviously, the team mascot is the Bulldog, but on the playing field, they’re a young program that has to fight against much more experienced teams than themselves throughout most of their 20 game season.

The Bulldogs fought through the first period only allowing two goals, a stunning amount when you see that senior goal keeper Cole Barberini had to produce six saves in the opening period alone.

It took the Tigers from Lick-Wilmerding 11 minutes to beat Barberini and the Bulldogs. But once they broke through, it started a streak.

They scored twice in the final minute of the period, and then were once again silenced by the Bulldogs for another five minutes.

Lick Wilmerding went into the half up 4-0, with their fourth coming on a man advantage from a slash penalty against Alhambra.

Immediately from the start of the second half Alhambra woke up and executed the plays they ran in the first half that they couldn’t complete.

In the first half, centered passes were wild and unpredictable, but suddenly they started to connect.

Senior Jayke Bobrowski opened the scoring from Alhambra. The Bulldogs utilized a man advantage to get on the board.

Junior Cole Malinowski followed up his effort with one of his own to gain some momentum in the Alhambra camp.

Junior Mark Moore hit the post in the seventh minute of the third period, but Bobrowski was able to get a handle on the ball and put the rebound away.

There was still everything to play for. A three-goal deficit was nothing, it was easy to see how the Bulldogs would fight their way back in.

But the Tigers scored straight away following the third Bulldog goal.

Then again, and again, and again after that. All in all the Tigers would go on to score five unanswered goals against Alhambra to continue their unbeaten run to start the season, and simultaneously hand the Dogs their first loss in 2016.

Lick Wilmerding was set up to be a playoff team in 2015, but were disqualified because of a loss in their final game of the season which left them below the minimum amount of wins to qualify for a North Coast Section tournament. They were given a 15 seed before being removed from the bracket.

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