The ‘garden’ of Martinez

Dear Mr. Grinch,

We are bees, not flies. Our buzz is productive buzz, signifying the telos (goal) of sweet honey. I think you have grown accustomed to the buzz of flies downtown, circling a decaying garden. We are a different creature.

This is not the place to discuss why the garden of Martinez sat decaying for a time. I would love to sit and philosophize with you on this, so feel free to reach out. I think our first topic of discussion will be: whether the retrofit and/or sale of stagnant commercial real estate in Martinez is due to the City’s retrofit ordinance, steps up in basis, speculation in our quiet corner caused by compressed cap rates throughout the Bay area, or the lucky combination of these.

As I read it, your main point is: stop buzzing and start acting.

Well, to that, and in gratitude for the additional buzz this conversation has created, I wish to invite you to the Art Beat this Saturday, March 19, in downtown Martinez. I would like you – and all buzzing Martizians – to see what my hive has been buzzing about and doing.

May the peace of the Creator, who has brought into being bees and flies and Grinches, be with you.

– Tony Rishell

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