Incident near school leaves parents, admin on high alert

MARTINEZ, Calif. – A recent incident near Martinez Junior High School has sparked additional police patrols in the area.

According to a March 17 release by Deputy Superintendent of Martinez Unified School District CJ Cammack, a female junior high student was recently approached by a stranger while walking home from school. The man allegedly tried to coerce the student to come with him, but she did not comply and returned to the school immediately. School administration promptly called police, but the suspect was not located for questioning.

“Police are investigating and will have an increased presence near Martinez Junior High School to ensure the safety and security of our students. We are grateful for the continued support of the Martinez Police Department in providing safety for our students and our community,” the statement, which was also sent via telephone messages to parents, said.

“The safety and security of students is critically important to all members of our school district. This is an opportunity for all parents/guardians across Martinez Unified School District to speak with your child(ren) about how to get to and from school safely.

We advise that students walk with a buddy and be consciously aware of their surroundings. Under no circumstances should a child ever go with someone they don’t know. Students should inform the school and their parent/guardian immediately of any strangers or possible danger so it can be addressed,” the statement said.

Cammack’s address concluded with a promise to keep the community informed should there be any developments on the situation, and thanked the community for their support in cooperating to provide a safer environment for students.

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