Bulldog tennis getting improved results in DFAL play

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The Bulldogs had a rough day on the courts on March 22 against Acalanes, but they made a solid come back against Las Lomas on the road on March 24. 

The Bulldogs lost 2-7, taking some of their first wins on the Diablo Foothill Athletic League.

In number one singles action, Nick Atencio started off slow and fell behind in the first set but then rallied to win a couple of games in his 2-6 first set loss.

“The second set looked more like the Nick we know,” coach Sarah Gallagher said. “Power forehands, some great serves some all around good points.” Atencio would end up losing 4-6 but could have easily gone either way.

At number tow singles, Nick Ertola was ready for a win after coming off a very hard and frustrating loss to Acalanes. The first set he came on strong commanding the play and frustrated his opponent. His opponent did not give in and fought hard to stay in the set but could not quite do it with Ertola’s determination. Ertola won 7-5.

The second set was well played by both players lots of great shots, great returns but somehow Ertola’s opponent pulled it out winning 2-6. According to Gallagher, the set was closer than the score reflected.  

The Bulldog and Knight players went on to the 10-point tie breaker for third set. Ertola came out to win and never looked back. The senior played aggressive tennis coming to the net to put away shots, running everything down and closing the points.

Ertola won 10-2 in the tie breaker to take the first match of the day for Alhambra.

At number three singles was Michael Aboussie, who was also coming off a very frustrating loss to Acalanes.
Aboussie started off slow in the first set but fought back to lose 5-7. Determined to win, he continued to battle against a very consistent player who kept him to the challenge. Aboussie went on to win 7-5 in the second set tie breaker.

The two players battled back and forth in the 10-point tie breaker. Unfortunately it was Las Lomas’ game, winning the tie breaker 10-8.

Aboussie played a great match, “even his opponent said it was one of his ‘toughest and could have gone either way,’” Gallagher said.

At number four singles, Tyler Zancanelli rallied from a couple points down but still went down 3-6. In the second set Zancanelli started to come on strong and take control of the match. He had some great passing shots and some great returns to put him right back in the match to win the  second set 6-4 on to the third tie breaker of the day. 

The 10-point tie breaker started with Las Lomas ahead, but then Zancanelli came back to tie things up. The Bulldog player ended up falling short 10-8 in the set. 

Jason Young and Tyler Surges at number five and six singles both lost with lopsided matches. Surges was battling through an illness in his match. 

In doubles action, number one doubles duo, Gabe Arditti and Nick Borov played a good match and kept their opponents fighting to win, but they ended up losing 4-6, 3-6.

Number two doubles pair Shayan Mirzezedeh and Ab Asefi lost 0-6, 2-6 but played a stronger second set as they continue to improve as a pairing.

At number three singles, players Aidan O’Leary and Juman Purewal played an exciting match in the first set closing in and taking it to 6-6 and sending it to the seven-point tie break for the set win. It was a close match, but they pulled it out winning 8-6 on the second set. There was no looking back, as the Bulldog duo won 6-1.

O’Leary and Purewal make a good team, with O’Leary’s steady back court play and Purewal’s aggressive net play.

The Bulldogs will next take on Miramonte on Thursday, March 31.

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