Fuller: ‘Saving key to a good future’

Financial advisor John Fuller. (PAUL CRAIG / Courtesy)
Financial advisor John Fuller. (PAUL CRAIG / Courtesy)
Special to the Tribune

John Fuller understands the importance of saving for the long-run. John has for many years run the Martinez office of the investment firm Edward Jones, Inc. He’s a member of Martinez Rotary, and subscribes to Rotary ideals (listed below). He’s easy to talk to.

John is bullish on America. He knows that investing in America has been a good idea for many decades, and believes America will remain strong. Economic growth will continue, at a modest but real rate. The “secret” to financially happy retirement is to start early, invest regularly, and weather the inevitable ups and downs. Saving is a great way to avoid a too profligate lifestyle.

Economic swings will happen. That’s the nature of the market. Don’t focus on short run news. Be patient and you’ll do fine. Don’t worry about which political party is in power. Over the last century there has been no correlation with the political party in office. Don’t worry about China either – only 2 percent of the U.S. economy is directly tied to China.

You do need to diversify, and this is an area where John can help. For example, lots of folks thought we’d run out of oil and bet accordingly. Bad idea! Today, oil prices are low; reserves are filled; oil doesn’t look so good. Diversify. Adjust your portfolio to your personal tolerance for risk.

John thinks your investment strategy should assume low interest rates for the foreseeable future. If you invest regularly for the long term, this shouldn’t be a problem.

At each meeting of Rotary we take Rotary’s “Four Way Test” of things we believe, say and do: “Is it the Truth; Is it Fair to All Concerned; Will it Build Good Will and Better Friendship; Will it be Beneficial to All Concerned.” Great guidelines for life and for investing.

John Fuller is one of us. Martinez Rotary recommends talking to him and taking his investment advice. His optimism about the future of the U.S. is right on!

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