International Faire returns

For 22 years, the Martinez Institute of English at Martinez Adult Education has opened its doors to students, teachers and the public for a celebration focusing on the diversity and talent of their students. This year, the 22nd annual International Faire will be held on Wednesday, May 11, from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m.

The Martinez Institute of English, located at Martinez Adult Education, offers a variety of English as a Second Language classes as well as a Citizenship Preparation class to students from many backgrounds and nations.

“The International Faire is our way of spotlighting our students and covering our English and civics curriculum on diversity and community involvement,” said ESL Department coordinator, Gretchen Lammers.

“We have students from all over the world enrolled in our programs. Representatives from China, Japan, Vietnam, Korea, the Philippines, Thailand, India, Iran, Iraq, Russia, France, Mexico and El Salvador, among others, will prepare food, design displays and offer presentations about their native countries.

Highlights of the International Faire include the sale of food from around the world prepared by students and teachers. Various national booths will offer treats such as spring rolls, tostadas, horchata, chicken and pork adobo, pao de queijo, loobia polo, Iranian carrot dessert, balut, enchiladas rojas, and much more.

A special program at 11 a.m. will give students an opportunity to show the traditional dance, music and national dress of their countries. During the program, we will be honoring our students who have earned U.S. citizenship during the last year. Hosts and hostesses at each booth will provide information about the food and culture of each nation.

Proceeds from the sale of food, which begins at 11:45 a.m., will go toward Martinez Institute of English Student Council projects, such as quarterly field trips and award ceremonies.

The International Faire will be held in the Multi-use room at Martinez Adult Education.

“Participants are promised a day of fine food, delightful dancing, magnificent music and colorful costumes,” said Gretchen Lammers.

For more information about the Martinez Institute of English, please call (925) 228-3276, ext. 254, 255, or 256.

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