In their own words: District 5 supervisorial candidates address constituents

Candidates listed in alphabetical order by last name.

Conrad Dandridge
Conrad Dandridge

Conrad Dandridge

I am Conrad Dandridge. I am a candidate for the Board of Supervisors 5th District.

Our county faces many challenges and issues, and the residents of District 5 have needs, simple to complex. These needs are not being addressed at the county level of government. I am running because I see the need for effective local leadership. As a life-long resident and public servant for over 25 years, I am committed to confronting these issues and to meeting the needs of the residents across the entire district.

In order to resolve issues and meet the needs of all of our communities, your representative on the Board of Supervisors must be accessible and responsive.

My promise to you:

If elected, I will visit each of the unincorporated and incorporated areas of District 5 once a month, every month – via town hall, community and city council meetings to make myself available to all county residents. I welcome the opportunity to speak with all residents, from all areas, towns, and cities. I want to hear what you are concerned about, what is important to you, and to solicit your ideas on how to solve some of the problems facing us.

Some of the many concerns of District 5 and the County, which I intend to address are:

Fire Protection; We need to immediately reopen Station 12 in Martinez, Station 74 in Pinole and Station 87 in Pittsburg, while maintaining and fully staffing currently open stations. I will work with Firefighters and community members to expand fire services throughout the district and county as a whole.

Homelessness; Relief in the county ought not to be dependent upon the cities or the community non-profits. The county can commission the building of Tiny Homes on county-owned lots to aid homeless individuals.

To assist families who are homeless, the county can take over abandoned properties with tax liens instead of selling them, and utilize partnerships with groups such as Habitat for Humanity. Existing structures can be fixed up, or new structures can be built. This plan has the support of Martinez Citizen of the Year Doug Stewart.

Roadside dumping; Increase penalties from a $1,000 fine to a $2,500 fine plus 100 hours of community service – and offer rewards of $500 to $1,000 for information leading to the citation of dumpers.

Transportation; The Highway 4/Interstate 680 interchange must be moved back to the top of the transportation priority list, per the passage of Measure C by voters in 1988. All the recent improvements to Highway 4 will not improve the quality of life for residents if the antiquated interchange continues to act as a chokepoint.

Railroad and Pipeline safety; Ensure that county emergency services work with the Federal Government to identify and fix safety issues with the railroad lines and the many major pipelines running through the district.

Residents will be notified of the safety plans in the event of an accident.

Oil Refinery/Chemical Plant safety; There are three Oil Refineries and two major Chemical Plants in District 5. The voices of the residents of the communities directly affected by these refineries and plants have not been heard by the Board. I promise to listen to you. I will convey and represent you and your views – and negotiate the best deal for you. Not the other way around.

For more information, please visit my website,, and find me on Facebook at

I look forward to working together to get District 5 on the right track again, and your vote is crucial to make this happen. Thank you.

AnaMarie Avila Farias
AnaMarie Avila Farias

AnaMarie Avila Farias

Dear Neighbors:

My name is AnaMarie Avila Farias and I am a lifelong and third-generation Martinez resident. I attended Alhambra High School and went on to earn a bachelors and masters degree from the University of San Francisco.

Today, my husband and I are proudly raising our two young children in the neighborhood that my grandfather settled in Martinez in the 1950s.

My family has deep roots here and they raised me to give back to my community. That’s why since the age of 16, I have dedicated my life to public service. I’m actively engaged as the Martinez Vice Mayor and Councilmember and especially as a parent in our public school system.

As a Councilmember, I’ve been part of amazing progress in our City over the past four-years. We have overseen the successful renovation of parks, preserved 44 acres of open space, and been good fiscal stewards of our City’s funds. And I championed creating the public safety sub-committee to address our safety concerns.

The experience and values instilled in me throughout my life are the same values and skills I want to bring to the Board of Supervisors.

I am running for Supervisor because we need a breath of fresh air on the board. For far too long, our County has been run by a political machine that has lost sight of the issues that matter most. I am ready to shake things up because we need a leader who will:

• Say No to Pay Raises. When the Board of Supervisors voted to give themselves a 33 percent pay raise last year after giving themselves a 66 percent raise in 2007 – I said enough is enough. It’s time for new leadership at the board that knows how to make sure your tax dollars are spent wisely.

• Watch the Bottom Line. On the Martinez City Council, I’ve spent four years focused on the budget. I’ve worked to increase the city’s financial reserves while putting more police on the streets and protecting open space.

• Protect Our Neighborhoods. In my day job, I have spent 22 years working as a housing and community professional bringing hope to first-time buyers, veterans, seniors, and working families – while protecting neighborhood integrity.

• End Insider Deals at the Board. I’ll bring an end to insider deals and an open door for transparency to the Board of Supervisors to make sure it is looking after the people’s interests – not their own interests – or the special interests.

• Improve Police and Fire Response Times. I’ll also fight to reverse the damage done by budget cuts that sent crime rates soaring and increased 911 response times in police, fire and medical emergencies.

• Taking on the Political Machine. Mud will fly in this race because fighting for change involves taking on the political machine. But I’m ready. Bring it on. Together, we must win this fight because the outcome is too important for our families’ future.

Because of my work on the Martinez City Council, with the Martinez Police Department, as a Gubernatorial Appointee currently serving as a Board of Director on the California Housing Finance Agency, and as a member of numerous Boards and commissions, I have earned the support of local elected officials, the Martinez Police Officers Association, Central Labor Council of Contra Costa County, Contra Costa County Deputy Sheriffs’ Association and Contra Costa Firefighters Local 1230.

I have the experience, energy, and drive to represent District 5. Please join me in making Martinez and Contra Costa County the best place to live, work and raise our families. I would be honored to have your vote.



Federal Glover
Federal Glover

Federal Glover

Last year, I was blessed with a new heart and kidney. I feel healthy and strong and am grateful for the privilege of continuing to represent Martinez on the Board of Supervisors. I am proud of the many accomplishments we have made together:

• Securing over $1.8 billion in transportation funding to improve I-680, Highway 4, build the Bypass and the fourth bore of the Caldecott Tunnel and bring e-BART to the area. I am especially proud of the over $140 million we have secured to improve roads, the train station and other transportation improvements in and around the city of Martinez.

• Preventing crime and keeping our neighborhoods safe by authoring laws to help us identify and force the cleanup of poorly maintained rental, vacant and Section 8 properties. I am also proud of our creating the area’s first Gang Task Force, regular meetings between gang violence experts, parents, youth and members of the community to highlight steps to preventing gang violence and gang-related crime in our neighborhoods.

• Pushing for police cameras on Highway 4 to deter potential freeway shooters and to allow law enforcement to swiftly identify a shooter and bring that person(s) to justice immediately. Martinez residents have the right to feel safe in their cars and to drive Highway 4 without fear of becoming a victim of a freeway shooter. This is a priority for me.

• Protecting the Delta by continuing the fight to defeat the proposal to build twin tunnels to send our Delta water to Southern California. I strongly oppose this and am particularly concerned about the negative effect this proposal would have on water quality, our Delta ecosystem and tourism. To join this fight, please visit

• Protecting open space and reducing sprawl by my strong support for the Urban Limit Line, controlling development and protecting our beautiful hillsides and open space areas. Martinez has some of the most beautiful parks and open space areas in our region and I am committed to protecting them so they can be enjoyed by all our residents for years to come.

Revitalizing the Martinez Marina and the waterfront areas from Pinole to Antioch continues to be a priority for me. As your Supervisor, I created the Northern Waterfront Initiative to look for ways to pool resources to bring economic vitality to the beautiful areas around our County’s waterfront.

Yet, we have much more work to do together to keep Martinez a place that is safe and enjoyable for our residents.

I am proud to have earned support for my re-election from Martinez Councilmembers Lara DeLaney and Mark Ross, in addition to the following: Martinez Congressman George Miller (Ret.); Martinez Congressman Mike Thompson; Martinez Assemblymember Susan Bonilla; Sheriff David Livingston; District Attorney Mark Peterson; Contra Costa Deputy District Attorneys Association; Martinez Nurses & the California Nurses Association; Martinez Community College Trustee Tim Farley; Democratic Party of Contra Costa County; The East Bay Times. (Partial Listing.)

Having the support of Martinez voters would mean a great deal to me – so we can continue our good work together. Thank you for reading this article.

Best regards,

Supervisor Federal Glover

Mike Menesini
Mike Menesini

Mike Menesini

As a former Mayor and school board member, I helped build and create a new City Hall, new Senior Center, train station, flood control projects, water treatment plant and significant open space (Franklin Hills Ridge Line, Briones Agricultural Preserve) and parks (Hidden Lakes, John Muir Memorial, Veterans Monument), among others. We also built school and sports facilities.

As a twice elected chair of the Contra Costa Mayors Conference and former member of LAFCO I know the importance of regional planning.

We must stop oil by rail to Rodeo and we need to challenge, regionally, the proposal to build 12,000 homes in the Naval Weapons Station at Willow Pass or Highway4 will become more of a parking lot than it is already.

Over the 16 years served by the incumbent politician, now seeking a fifth term, Contra Costa has suffered critical budget short falls and an enormous tax shift from heavy industry to the pocketbooks of the working middle class. Public safety, pensions, mental health and other public services have all been put at significant risk.

As a U.S. Army Infantry Veteran, former Tax Payers Advocate for the Assessors Office, past President of the Contra Costa Peace Officers Association, and current Assistant District Attorney for many years, I have a commitment of service to our community and country. I can help return a can-do spirit to County Government where service to our citizens comes first.

Please call me at home if you have any questions, (925) 372-9195.

Dan Romero
Dan Romero

Dan Romero

Today, I am currently serving as the Mayor of Hercules for the second time in five years. Hercules five years ago was in financial distress due to maleficence and the recession. Due to efforts of the Hercules Employees and Council, Hercules now has two months of operational reserves.

As a resident in Hercules I have been known to attend council meetings, HOA meetings and school meetings. I participated in keeping Franklin Canyon closed to development and protected as open space. A local newspaper even once called me the “Gadfly of Hercules” due to my nonstop complaints of mismanagement of the City of Hercules finances preceding the recession in 2010.

I am running for Contra Costa Board of Supervisor District 5 to represent all residents in our district. Currently, District 5 residents who live in cities that are incorporated tend to experience better quality of life than residents who live in the unincorporated county jurisdiction. The Supervisor for District 5 should make sure that all residents have equal quality of life.

My campaign will focus on the following issues the Board of Supervisors should address:

● Imposing term limits for Supervisors. Twelve years as Supervisor should be more than enough time to get a political view accomplished.

● Review the Concord Naval Housing Plan. This is a Regional Problem. The Board of Supervisors should participate in the plan to build 12,000 homes for the Concord Naval Housing plan. Require that the developer pay fees to pay for future traffic mitigation that will affect residents along Highway 4 and I-680 corridor. $16 million for traffic improvements will not mitigate the future traffic problems that will occur on Highway 4. The prior developer was planning to spend $67 million for traffic mitigation.

● Ensuring equal taxation of property across all District 5 communities.​ Certain communities are paying higher property taxes percentages for BART, EBMUD, East Bay Regional Park, Bay Area Air Quality Management Board, County Library, Flood Control, Water Agency and Mosquito Abatement. All Contra Costa County communities should pay equal percentages, but in our current system the percentages paid vary by community. Using equal amounts for each agency would bring more property tax revenues back to our cities to use in our General Funds, which means more money for Law Enforcement.

If you believe that 16 years of service and Big Business should not be part of Contra Costa County politics then Dan Romero is your candidate. Your vote matters and I would be honored to represent you and other residents in Contra Costa Supervisor District 5.

If you believe as I do that there is a need for a change of our current Supervisor then support me with your vote on June 7, 2016.


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  1. Geez, Glover sure likes to exaggerate and lie to pretend he has Martinez support. I wasnt born yesterday. Mike Thompson is based out of St. Helena. There is no Martinez Community College… but there is a CCC College district. Bonilla is based out of Concord, “Martinez Nurses” what is that? CNA does represent nurses at the Contra Costa Medical Center tho. Stop pandering.

    Meanwhile his lies about his so-called accomplishments only get us to the gang violence mess in his precious Pittsburg where he boasted a lot previously about his gang “task force”. Yeah. Good job lol. Now naturally he calls for cameras that won’t do one darned thing.


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