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News in Brief: Beavers return to Alhambra Creek

MARTINEZ, Calif. – It’s official – beavers have returned to Alhambra Creek.

The first sighting took place May 2 when Moses Silva spotted what he thought was a beaver swimming in the creek, according to local beaver advocacy group Worth A Dam. When Silva went for his camera, however, the critter had disappeared. But alas, just two days later, he was able to film two beavers in the watershed near Creek Monkey Tap House downtown. Several sightings have taken place since then, establishing the Martinez beavers are definitely back.

Just in time too, as work on a mural appreciating the species progresses. Artist Mario Alfaro is transforming the Escobar Street bridge that serves as the area’s most popular beaver sighting platform, into a colorful tribute to the controversial animal.

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