Tesoro grants city $90,000 to fund Homeless Outreach

MARTINEZ, Calif. – The City of Martinez has funded homeless advocacy programs designed to provide essential resources to the community’s most vulnerable population since 2011. This work was jeopardized, however, when Contra Costa Homeless Outreach announced it would be discontinuing operations June 30.  

That all changed when Tesoro refinery announced its foundation had approved a three-year, $90,000 grant to support the city’s Homeless Outreach Initiative. Tesoro’s investment will help the City continue this work by contracting with a local homelessness advocate experienced with assisting the homeless in Martinez.

“We are most grateful to Tesoro for this substantial grant, which will enable us to continue offering direct outreach services to our homeless,” said Martinez Police Chief Manjit Sappal. “Our goal is to forge positive relationships and promote the availability of services, through our own resources or those of our many partner organizations in Central Contra Costa County. This funding will help the program sustain the momentum built over the past several years thanks to the tireless efforts of Doug Stewart and others with the Contra Costa Homeless Outreach.”

“Tesoro and the Tesoro Foundation are committed to collaborating with our stakeholders to create cleaner, safer, well-educated communities where we operate,” said Patty Deutsche, director of government and public affairs for Tesoro. “We are proud to support the City of Martinez and the Martinez Police Department in their efforts to aid the most vulnerable among us by helping them find the resources and supplies needed to live and eventually transition off the streets.”

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