Miller points out parade faux pas

Dear Editor,

Your article on July 8, giving kudos to John Stevens for finding a creative way to be a part of the July 4th celebration and not break the rules, was informative in two ways. First, he was creative. Second, it was telling about his character.

You made reference to the parade rules which forbid candidates from riding in the parade, but went no further.

You failed to mention that another candidate did not adhere to the rules. Candidate Noralea Gipner was in the parade, riding in a car with Councilmember Lara DeLaney which had banners on each side exhibiting each of their names. As a result, Main Street Martinez, which organized the parade, had to ask Gipner to remove her banners. She did, and chose to still remain in the parade, despite the rule opposing it.

It is disturbing to see that she has already fallen under the wing of DeLaney and choosing to violate the rules.

We should watch very closely to see what happens in this election. I am looking to see if we are really going to have a choice of new leadership or just more of the same, manipulated by the likes of DeLaney.

– Robert Miller

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