Trantham family endures tragedy, could use a hand

Dear Editor,

My name is Ron Dalton and I live in Martinez, California. You may be familiar with Martinez as we unfortunately have been in the news several times in the past couple of years due to a number of tragedies that have hit our community. In March 2014, 13-year-old Jenna Betti was killed by a train, and last year two teenage girls were killed in an auto accident on Halloween on Franklin Canyon Road. Most recently, 15-year-old Andre Parrilla accidentally drowned at a friend’s pool.

I would like to make you aware of another local story that’s sad but inspirational. It’s a story in progress and God willing it will end up with a happy ending. It’s about Matt and Angela Trantham and their family.

On Jan. 20, 2016, while at work, Matt, a 53-year-old general contractor suffered a life threatening brain hemorrhage. The husband, father, coach and amazing friend to all was taken to ICU fighting for his life. His wife Angela rose to the challenge and provided strength and support to her husband and family. Just when the family was accepting their new routine and daily challenges, an unbelievable crisis hit home once again! In April, Angela was taken to ICU after suffering a subarachnoid brain hemorrhage and spent two weeks in the hospital. Both Matt and Angela ended up being treated at the same hospital until Matt was moved to an intensive rehab facility and Angela was finally released to go home.

Angela continues to rest and heal at home and Matt is fighting daily to get stronger so that he can return home to his family. It is hard to believe, but unfortunately for this family, this is reality. Both Angela and Matt are two of the most selfless, hard working, and good hearted people we know and they would never ask for help. Friends and family have been an amazing strength for their entire family, especially during this time, but now this family really needs our help. The Trantham family are now facing weeks, months and years of physical, emotional and financial challenges. They will suffer extreme financial hardship as Matt is self employed and Angela works part time for a company and was working hard to start her own pie making business, Simply Heaven Mini Pies. The Trantham’s have two young boys, ages 12 and 15, who have been through the unimaginable this year with both of their parents having strokes. Friends and community members have set up a couple funds to provide financial assistance but at this point it will not be enough as Matt’s rehab will be long term. We are trying to spread the word as much as we can to help raise funds for them.

If you are interested in this story please view Angela’s journals which will give you more insight at You can sign up, then search “Matt Trantham.”

Please feel free to contact me for additional info.


Ron Dalton

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