Noralea Gipner files papers for Martinez City Council run

EDITOR’S NOTE: The following is a release sent by Noralea Gipner. Also entering the race this week is attorney Courtney Masella-O’Brien. Look for updates on the candidates in future editions of the Tribune.

Noralea Gipner filed her papers to run for Martinez City Council, and said she is running to involve the community in the decision-making process over the next few years.

“Martinez is changing, and as a community we need to make many different decisions about our future,” Gipner said. “The community needs to be involved, and my focus is on bringing together the City Council and the public. We need to make sure everyone has a chance to be involved in planning for Martinez’s future.”

A third generation Martinez resident, Gipner graduated from Alhambra High School (Class of ‘72), and has started three different successful small businesses in the city: Yankee Clipper, Noralea’s Studio, and Main Street Sweets. She has served on numerous commissions and task forces, and advocated for many different groups throughout the community.

Gipner’s campaign has significant support from many leaders throughout the community, including City Councilmember Lara DeLaney, Commissioner Dylan Radke, Contra Costa Community College Board Trustee Tim Farley, Former City Councilmembers Harriett Burt, Ken Dothee, Albert Turnbaugh, and Jim Thelen, and president of Martinez Youth Baseball and Softball Phil Raines.

“Noralea Gipner has always been a very effective advocate for the community, because she stands up for what’s best for Martinez,” said Councilmember DeLaney. “She reaches out to the community and would be a great new voice on our council.”

Former Councilmember Burt agreed. “I met Noralea when she was my history student in Junior High School, and I knew even back then that she really cares about connecting people. It’s been such a pleasure to see her progress as a community advocate, business owner, and mother, and she is the community representative we need on the Martinez City Council right now.”

Cassie Campbell, the executive director of the Martinez Early Childhood Center, also is supporting Noralea. “Noralea cares so much about people and Martinez that she never stops working and pushing for our community. She has spent a lifetime serving Martinez, and her transparency and communication skills are exactly what our City Council needs right now.”

Gipner has a strong record of service and recognition in the community, including: Chamber of Commerce 2008 Woman of the Year; Martinez Exchange Club (their first female member); City of Martinez Parking Commission; Martinez Early Childhood Center, Board of Directors; Saint Catherine’s School, School Auction Chair; Martinez Junior High School, Volunteer Coordinator/Principal Selection Committee; Alhambra High School, Curriculum Oversight Committee; Shell Run for Education, Volunteer; Contra Costa Foster Children Program, Volunteer; Martinez Celebrate Cycling and Amgen Tour of California, Volunteer Coordinator.

Gipner will be posting more information about her campaign and vision for Martinez’s future to her Facebook page, @NoraleaG4CityCouncil, including her thoughts on fixing our roads, bringing more business to the downtown, and finding opportunities for the marina.

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  1. I’m very disappointed in Noralea’s attitude about the Onstage/Campbell Theater. Having live theater in town is such a bonus, and if all we have is Armando’s then we’re not offering people a full range of entertainment possibilities.


  2. Tari Nicholson

    You may want to look into the following….. I want to go on record with it……..

    This is the second time I have notified the City of Martinez, including communication with the city attorney, about the crossing at Tavan Estates Drive across Reliez Valley Road to and from the bike trail. The first time was when I noticed Reliez was being worked on and lines repainted. I specifically asked for pedestrian walk lanes across, and pedestrian crossing signs posted both north and south of the crossing. I was told that someone did go out and look, and it was not dangerous.
    Well, today, somewhat stopped as we waited, to let us cross, and sure enough, another car came barreling down the hill, as so many do, and rammed the stopped car. Fortunately, it did not seem that anyone was hurt, but there was significant damage to both cars! I am really sorry that I did not get either parties info, or I would have told them to sue the city for the damages, since it certainly had been brought to your attention!!
    WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? SOMEONE TO GET KILLED? We cross there four times a day–I have seen people in wheel chairs, children, and mothers pushing strollers crossing there as well.
    Please forward this to the mayor and the city attorney!!
    I want to go on record with this complaint!

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