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Dogs compete at Mutt Strut

MARTINEZ, Calif. – About 70 people and 40 dogs participated in the Mutt Strut last Thursday at the Martinez Amphitheater. The strut offered local dog owners a chance to show off their beloved pets, with prizes going to Best Name, Best Tail, Best Costume, Looks Most Like Owner and Best Trick categories.

The top placing dogs included:

Best Name: Honey Bee (1st), two dachshunds called “Oscar and Meyer Brothers” (2nd), Pork Chop (3rd);

Best Tail or Fastest Tail: Auggie Doggie, with a killer thumper of a tail (1st), Whiskers (2nd), itty bitty Max with a curly tail (3rd);

Best Costume: Zoey and Chloe the Beach Babes (1st), Nikki the red nosed clown (2nd), swimmer Izzie Mae and Chachi as Jaws (3rd);

Looks Most Like Owner: Ranger (1st), Calvin (2nd), Moritz (3rd);

Best Trick: Bubba doing multiple tricks (1st), Rex zig zagging through his owner’s legs (2nd), and Buster taking himself for a walk (3rd).

Congratulations to all the participating pooches at the 2016 Mutt Strut, and many thanks to the Martinez Recreation Department for such a wonderful community event.

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