Mayor Schroder endorses Glover

I don’t usually get involved in campaigning for other candidates, but the race for District 5 Supervisor is so important to the future of Martinez that I am making an exception and strongly supporting Supervisor Federal Glover.  Federal is honest, hardworking, effective and trustworthy. He has overcome personal health challenges and has demonstrated that he has the strength and stamina needed to represent our district with dignity and passion.

I am proud to recommend Federal Glover to my fellow Martinez citizens for many reasons. Among them:

• Federal Glover successfully fought for $1.8 BILLION in transportation funding for our region;

• Federal Glover is an ardent supporter of retaining our Urban Limit Line, preserving our open space and preventing unlimited urban sprawl;

• Federal Glover is a champion of youth … he hosts an annual “Youth Summit” to give young people an opportunity to air their views to community leaders and get valuable information about careers and education;

• Federal Glover initiated our area’s first Northern Waterfront Initiative and is working with Martinez leaders to explore opportunities for our waterfront;

• Federal Glover’s tenure on the Contra Costa Board of Supervisors has resulted in the strong positive relationships with other board members that are necessary for getting results for us, his constituents;

• Federal has strong ties to Martinez and is committed to building bridges of trust, inclusion and cooperation among the diverse elements of District 5;

• As the East Bay Times stated in its endorsement of Federal Glover, “He’s soft-spoken. Not flashy. No big ego. He just gets the job done.”

• No one comes close to Federal Glover … he is clearly the superior candidate.

Thank you for your consideration of my strong, solid endorsement of Federal Glover for Supervisor of Contra Costa County District 5, and thank you for taking the time to read my message.

– Martinez Mayor Rob Schroder

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  1. Kristin Henderson

    A corrupt piece of crap like Schroder endorsing a candidate is probably going to be a game changer, at least for the Downtown folks in the know.

    I would take Farias over Schroder any day of the week. Just reminds me how easy it is for one council person to vote “no” on things when everyone else is voting “yes”, just a button that lights up an old dias light board and now Downtown thinks she is the “people’s council”. But in the end, is in the same cohorts with developers and county powers.

    Interesting times.

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