Alhambra boys polo cruises in easy win

Bulldog water polo player Justin Davis fires a shot in on goal in the Bulldogs’ 21-3 win over the Hercules Titans on Wednesday, Oct. 5, 2016. (MARK FIERNER / Martinez Tribune)
Bulldog water polo player Justin Davis fires a shot in on goal in the Bulldogs’ 21-3 win over the Hercules Titans on Wednesday, Oct. 5, 2016. (MARK FIERNER / Martinez Tribune)

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When the opposing teams shows up and before a game has even started is saying, “so we’re really going to go through with this?”, it’s easy to see who’s going to come out victorious.

The Hercules Titans only had seven players suited up, so Alhambra was able to coast to an easy 21-3 win on Oct. 5 with very little opposition.

The Bulldogs sent out a team of younger players to start the game rather than send out their usual starting seven. Despite that nearly every player on the roster for the Bulldogs had a goal.

For the Bulldogs 10 different players got on the score sheet against Hercules. Dylan Hammond lead the way with six goals.

It happened quickly for the Bulldogs on Wednesday evening. After only 13 seconds had come off the clock, the teams were already re-setting themselves after Hammond had scored. By the time the two teams had reached the half way point, seven goals had gone past the Hercules keeper. Goals came from every spot in the pool.

They took their feet off the gas, and that’s something that was telling about the team. In a situation where they were up against a team with no bench, and tired swimmers, they didn’t run up the score as much as they could have,

We could easily have seen a 30-goal output, but the Bulldogs respected their opponent. They did put across 10 in the first quarter, but they didn’t score on the counter, and they completed at least three passes before they took an attempt on goal. Hercules was lucky to get a single goal across, which they did after earning a man advantage on a kick out.

In the second quarter Alhambra subbed out nearly it’s entire first string, and thus only scored twice. To be fair they didn’t take many shots. But they also didn’t allow many shots. Tony Moore scored with 2:41 on the clock, but we didn’t see much in the way of offense after that.

Hercules managed to scored again in the third quarter. Their small section, and in fact even some Alhambra parents, cheered on their successes. Hercules got a couple of goals at the near post where they were all alone with the keeper. Alhambra’s man Adam Pakman did save a few of their shots from close range, but even he couldn’t deny shots from three feet away.

The Bulldogs scored five goals in the third quarter, and four in the fourth to see off the Titans and continued to build in Diablo Athletic League play. The Bulldogs will take on Ygnacio Valley on the road next Wednesday in their next league clash on Oct. 12, 2016.

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  1. Please let Gerardo know that the water polo game against Ygnacio Valley scheduled for Weds has been cancelled as they don’t have a team. Thank you for the great sports coverage and pictures!

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