Glover to take look at Martinez footprint

I’ve had a lot of time in the last year and a half to think about the concept of “legacy.”  (Spending time in a hospital, waiting on a transplant gives you that time.) Reflecting on my work as a County Supervisor has led to my realization that what I’m most proud of, aside from being on the Board that successfully navigated the County through our deepest recession (resulting in a AAA credit rating and re-built reserves), is the fact that during our darkest days, I remained firmly focused on – and succeeded in – bringing a tremendous amount of revenue to the County to transform our vital transportation networks, both road and transit. Clearly, there is still more work to be done, as Highway 4 improvements continue and the eBART extension moves forward. However, these investments in our transportation systems that I fought for, and won, are bringing profound changes to people’s lives.

Just as I have helped usher in that significant transformation in East County, I am now poised to do that again in Central and West County. There’s something about a new heart that brings a renewed sense of purpose and determination.

There are two initiatives I spearheaded in the last four years on the Board of Supervisors that I believe have the power to reshape and reinvigorate the physical and economic landscape of Contra Costa County:  the Northern Waterfront Economic Development Initiative, and the Capital Facilities Master Plan.

The Northern Waterfront Initiative seeks to retain, promote, and expand the County’s industrial base concentrated along the Northern Waterfront from Oakley to Hercules. The industrial sector has been, and continues to be, a source for high-wage, skilled jobs in Contra Costa County. With this renewed focus on our “working waterfront,” we are certain to ensure its continued economic vitality and resiliency through strategic planning and collaborative, multi-agency efforts.  These efforts include workforce development and training, infrastructure investment, permit streamlining, import-export expansion, advanced manufacturing process improvements, and improving goods movement along rail, trucking, and marine freight corridors.

The Capital Facilities Master Plan process has also been initiated under my watch. With our financial footing on more solid ground, for the first time in decades, the County is taking a serious look at its administrative offices, emergency operations center needs, and its over-all footprint in the Martinez Downtown, including parking. The Plan can be the start of a dramatic transformation of the physical landscape in Martinez, and the County looks forward to working with the City of Martinez and the community to ensure that the needs of all stakeholders are met.

The changes that can arise from these strategic planning processes and their implementation will, in my opinion, leave an indelible mark on Contra Costa County. This is the legacy I plan to leave, after my final term of the Board of Supervisors. My new heart is good for at least four more years.


Supervisor Federal Glover
Contra Costa County
District 5 Supervisor

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