Avila Farias responds to ‘attack’ regarding pay, vacation time

EDITOR’S NOTE: The following is a direct response from Dist. 5 Supervisorial candidate AnaMarie Avila Farias regarding the letter published above alleging Avila Farias misused taxpayer funds.

“When the political machine is threatened, they strike out like a cornered snake. This filing with the District Attorney is an attempt at an October surprise, trying to entice this law enforcement agency to back up their bogus claims.

“Tom Powers [is] a longtime Contra Costa County power broker who is actively defending the incumbent, Supervisor Federal Glover, because he fears the loss of control if the Board of Supervisors is governed by the people and for the people.

“False and misleading attacks like this have no place in our county’s campaigns.

“I am an Independent Contract Employee. My job demands a non-traditional, flexible schedule. My hours are my own to determine. End of story.

“My commitment, integrity and dedication to my job and hours worked to provide housing options for Contra Costa families has never been questioned by my employer.

“This is a non-story generated by the sleazy political machine in this county desperate to protect their longtime champion – Supervisor Federal Glover. They want to talk about anything other than Federal Glover’s vote to increase his own pay 33 percent, lack of engagement in the District and his consistent support for insider deals for Contra Costa County contractors.”

– AnaMarie Avila Farias, candidate for Dist. 5 Supervisor

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