DeLaney endorses Federal Glover for Dist. 5 Supervisor

As an 18-year employee of Contra Costa County and a 14-year member of the Martinez City Council, I have a unique insight into the two candidates for the District 5 Supervisor race, having worked with both for several years. Consequently, I am supporting Supervisor Federal Glover.

Federal has demonstrated over many decades in office the ethics and temperament to be an effective leader; people trust him, unlike his opponent. He builds strong, lasting relationships and coalitions, proving that achievement takes collaboration and is built on shared goals and values – not mega-doses of ego or backroom dealings. Federal is a true public servant who believes in good governance and the causes he champions; not someone bent on using their position and influence to “feather their own nest,” climb the political ladder, or take care of their special interests. Federal also has a record of accomplishment and exciting initiatives for the future – not just campaign promises and empty slogans.

On the Board of Supervisors, Federal made tough decisions during the Great Recession, resulting in the County’s “AAA” financial rating, which should not be entrusted to someone with a record of bouncing checks and filing bankruptcies. Federal has demonstrated leadership on public safety issues including gang violence reduction. And I am inspired by the infrastructure projects Federal has advanced that will have a profound impact on our City, as well as the Northern Waterfront Initiative.

For these reasons and many more, please join me in voting for Federal Glover for District 5 Supervisor.

Lara DeLaney
Martinez City Councilmember 2002-present

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