‘Martinez deserves honesty, transparency’

For weeks, Federal Glover’s camp has been sending out false information about AnaMarie Avila Farias. Whether you support her or not, you should not accept lies about any candidate in a campaign. Such deceit simply makes the participating perpetrator(s) unworthy of public service.

The Glover camp has promoted that AnaMarie illegally took $40,000 from the City of Martinez. Mark Ross knew this was untrue and did NOTHING to set the record straight. That makes Mr. Ross a clear co-conspirator in the lie.

The truth was not revealed until Martinez citizens showed up at a City Council meeting and called the statement lies. Mayor Schroder and Mark Ross were both confronted and forced to admit the truth.

They only admitted the truth when another hit piece came out with their picture on it – further associating them with the false statement.

Why did they not say so before? Because they are supporters of Glover and would do anything to see him win – even if it meant misleading the public.

Mark Ross has intentionally misled the public – putting him on the level of Richard Nixon. Martinez deserves honesty, transparency and leaders who put the public before self.

Clearly, Mark Ross cannot be trusted.

It is time for a man of such low ethics to go. Time to go Mark, TIME TO GO!

– Robert Miller

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