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Like you, I’ve received a bunch [of] mailers filled with mistruths about AnaMarie Avila Farias in the mail. It infuriated me to see that independent expenditures on behalf of Federal Glover would stoop to the lowest level of mudslinging and tied three council members to the piece. At the last City Council meeting, numerous residents stood up to voice their utter dismay with the piece and time after time, Mayor Schroder and Councilmember Ross had to reiterate that the information wasn’t true and they in no way had anything to do with it nor endorsed its content. I applaud them for standing up to defend AnaMarie from the specious charges. Conspicuously absent, and yet to say a word about it is Councilmember Delaney … but that’s probably because she was too busy parading Federal Glover all over the city in an effort to help him look like he’s always been here for us and maybe because the only part of Martinez he knows is the County building where he attends BOS meetings.

Interestingly enough, I worked side by side with Lara in 2014 helping to get Gay Gerlack and Lara elected. In many of our conversations, she told me just how bad the good ‘ole boys worked to defeat her and how these people and groups used a political hack, Mary Jo Rossi, to flood the mail with slimy, mudslinging pieces to ensure she wasn’t re-elected. She was constantly anxious about the next “hit piece,” fearing it would come at a time when she didn’t have time to respond. She despised the good ‘ole boys and Mary Jo Rossi! Now, two years later, she is saddled up to the good ‘ole boys and she sides with them and her new found political guru, Mary Jo Rossi. Politics sure makes strange bedfellows!

Early on in this race, I got a call from AnaMarie and she said something to the effect, “I know you don’t like me much, but I have no idea why and I’d like to have a cup of coffee with you and talk more so I can understand.” It wasn’t until I spent 1 1/2 hours with AnaMarie that I realized that much of my disfavor came simply from anecdotal stories from Lara. The fact was, I felt completely different after actually talking with her one on one. It was at that point I consciously made a choice to support AnaMarie.

Once you look closely at who is behind the slimy negative mailers to see who is supporting Glover/opposing Farias, you see what really is fishy! Once you look past the individuals and the unions, you quickly see there are 3-4 major corporate donors pouring over $200,000 into the negative mailers. Who are these corporate sponsors? Candy Properties, LLC, an innocuous sounding company until you realize it’s part of the HUGE Garaventa empire. Garaventa is the garbage company in many parts of East county and the owner/operator of the huge, completely unwanted Keller Canyon Landfill which Glover helped make possible. Player #2 is Hall Equities Group/ZMC Hotels, a developer/property owner in Walnut Creek … yes, W.C., which is NOT in District 5. So I have to ask … why is it these two corporate sponsors would spend over $200,000 combined to sling mud slimily and do everything they can to keep AnaMarie from winning and keep their beloved Federal Glover on the B.O.S.? Funny thing is I have sent requests to Glover to ask just that question. Nope, never got a reply!

This election, I ask you to stand and say NO to these slimy, negative mailers and say enough is enough. Federal Glover has had 16 years to help Martinez and has failed to do it yet. What makes you think that giving him another four years will make a difference? I’m voting AnaMarie because I want a homegrown Martinez resident representing us on the Board of Supervisors! I’m tired of NOT having representation at the County level!

Bill Schilz, Concerned Martinez Resident

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