McLeod supports Supervisor Federal Glover

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Elections are difficult for engaged citizens. Truthiness dominates almost all political narrative, especially in the final week, when unsubstantiated “gotchas” pop from opposition research mills.

One of the difficult dichotomies is the argument between long experience v. new blood.

The 5th District Supervisor’s race between incumbent Federal Glover and challenger AnaMarie Avila Farias is an exceptional example.

District 5 is geographically huge and economically complex, covering the entire waterfront area of the county and multiple communities and cities. Mrs Faria’s primary claim to experience is a stint as a low income housing advocate, presence on the small town Martinez City Council, and three generations of ancestors in Martinez.

Federal Glover has grappled with major county-wide issues, as well as one of the most heavily industrial districts in the Bay Area for 16 years.

The CCC Northern Waterfront Development Initiative, one of the most ambitious projects in decades, will bring thousands of high paying jobs to CCC. It will require a leader with deep experience to balance industrial growth along the waterfront with concerns for the natural environment.

– Dean L. McLeod

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  1. Dean
    It’s unfortunately that you are one of the 3000 poorly informed voters’ that opted to reelect Federal Glover. To clarify, your inaccurate information about Anamarie. She has over 25 yrs. experience in local government administering very complex federal, state and county funds around community development – which encompasses housing development, job development and public services programs. I hardly call her profession a “stint” and maybe you should have educated yourself on the issues plaguing our communities. Had you done so you would have found out that the lack of housing availability for all income groups in the county is at crisis’s level. Guess what? – the crisis is under the watch of Federal’s. Just like public safety, healthcare and social programs cut under his watch. We don’t need your Trump like comments. Disparaging residents of the county of lower socio economic status is deplorable.
    In addition, your pathetic attempt to minimize Anamarie’s public service and her professions for a candidate is has a demonstrated to be a do-nothing and out of touch incumbent that only caters to county special interest (Oil industry and developers) is pathetic! His experience is a sleazy career politician lining his pockets and his friends with public funds. Great reason to re-elect him. NOT!
    Too bad you were such a sell out to Martinez and the county by supporting this candidate. By the way, you self-serving interest will not prevail. Federal was on the path of supporting the demolish of the old jail. I’ll remind you that it was Anamarie who spoke up from the council and opposed effort. Federal has already disappeared into the darkness. Get a CLUE! He was simply politically pandering to what you wanted to hear to garner a vote! Too bad you drank the kool aide and now the rest of the county will suffer the next 4 years! Too bad you missed another big indicator that Federal was not supported by public safety. Ya know, the people that keep our communities safety and protect property values. Darn shame of your ignorance of this candidate.

  2. At least I'm Curious...

    Tamara, who really wrote this for you?

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