Schilz: DA should resign after campaign fund indiscretion

Did you see the headline “‘Embarrassed’ Contra Costa District Attorney Fined For Breaking Law… Mark Peterson admits spending $66K of campaign funds for his own personal use.”?

Our County’s top law enforcement officer feels he’s above the law and willfully uses monies he KNOWS can’t be used for personal purposes and is a clear violation of the law. He goes along merrily until he gets notice from the Franchise Tax Board that he’s being audited, goes into a panic knowing he’s about to go down, gets a lawyer and pays the money back and the proposed $45,000 fine to the FPPC. Yet, there is NO mention in the FPPC report suggesting criminal charges be made, which is absolutely ludicrous!

He says, “I take full responsibility”… that has become a phrase that means nothing! If he was to take full responsibility, he would say, “I take full responsibility for my actions and as such, I knowingly committed a crime and as the top law enforcement officer of the county, I have tendered my resignation effective immediately.”

I think we should mount a campaign to email the Commissioners urging them to hold the planned full hearing on Dec. 15 and issue harsher penalties! Email to:

– Bill Schilz
Concerned Martinez Resident

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