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John Stone: City has draconian policies about marijuana

Dear Editor,

The City of Martinez’  draconian, repressive marijuana growing and selling prohibition goes against the grain politically and is a big slap in the face to the good voters of the State of California who voted to legalize marijuana. This is the definition of tyranny: ignoring the grand will of the whole people of the State of California. Puritanical opposition minority against sensible and legal marijuana policy puts up roadblocks and hurdles at every point of opportunity, which completely disregards and crushes the spirit of the law and the will of all who voted for the overwhelmingly successful proposition.

People associated with pot are not second-class citizens. Quite the opposite. Some of the most industrious, high-functioning people in town  are associated [with]marijuana. Whole families that would otherwise go without, rely on the revenues. This means having money for your child’s sports and money to send your kids to college.

Those that don’t respect the democratic process or carry out the will of the people of the State of California, [in] which [marijuana] is now mandated, shall find themselves on the wrong side of history and they truly undermine our democratic process and are detrimental to society.

[This is] a politically unsustainable marijuana prohibition policy. The mandate is for marijuana, not against it. “Judge not, and shame those that do” citizens of Martinez for a safe, sensible and legal growing and safe access marijuana policy.

This rebuttal is a collaboration with the overwhelming majority sentiment of the first class citizens of Martinez.

– John Stone

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