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“Sherbert,” by Mr. Roper
It looks like little purple octopuses in a bag. It smells like fresh cut purple lavender flower blossoms in Provence, France, in the spring. It is as dense as an adobe brick. It tastes like a purple marijuana-flavored Jolly Rancher. Expando rating is very high so “take it easy, fella.” The effect and experiences are really profound in the way it makes you feel really good and lets you function at a very high level without displaying impaired behavior. A really good feeling – strong hedge vs the stresses, chaos and anger of modern life’s demands. You may find, buy, and have it delivered to your doorstep legally, usually within an hour, by one of many dispensaries that deliver to Martinez. This is money leaving our town. Martinez absolutely needs a safe access dispensary.

“Cobbler,” by a longtime well-seasoned Martinez grower
The cobbler is dark almost purple, and it looks like black mamba candy growing on trees. It smells of being deep in a dark hemp forest at night covered in resins of Keef. A little airy, lightly medium in density that still holds its own. The taste is very distinctively yummy at first and throughout your Chiefing session. It has a pretty low expando rating, which your lungs will thank you for. The effect and experience is quite pleasing. A serene, calm soul, fulfilling effect and retreat after a long day of stress and chaos. You can find and buy cobbler locally, just not legally, unfortunately. Many local Martinez growers need and deserve a legal and safe outlet to display and sell their wares.

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